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Tue Apr 23 2024 15:09:03 PDT
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ID Type Summary Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Updated
1892552 Focus/Fenix/Reference Browser become unusable after opening link from a third party app Focus General tthibaud NEW --- 04:40:30
1892612 Firefox opens tab with IP address Core Widget: Win32 rkraesig RESO FIXE 07:39:18
1892126 Perma [tier 2] org.mozilla.fenix.ui.<test> | java.lang.IllegalStateException: Size(996 x -42) is out of range. Each dimension must be between 0 and 16777215. Fenix Pocket towhite RESO FIXE 11:42:13
1888202 drag and drop text unable to render unicode / UTF-8 characters Core Widget: Gtk jhorak RESO FIXE Thu 10:59
1888748 rAF movement applied to spaced elements with a transition, coming into the viewport from off screen, has a delay Core CSS Transitions and emilio VERI FIXE Mon 19:25
5 bugs found.