The Bugzilla bug-tracking system.
Note: This is not the place to request configuration, permission, or account changes to this installation of Bugzilla (bugzilla.mozilla.org). File such changes under the appropriate component in the bugzilla.mozilla.org product.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:


Administration of a bugzilla installation, including editcomponents.cgi, editgroups.cgi, editkeywords.cgi, editparams.cgi, editproducts.cgi, editusers.cgi, editversions.cgi, sanitycheck.cgi

Attachments & Requests

For problems with attachment creation/management and request creation/management. attachment.cgi, request.cgi

Bug Import/Export & Moving

Importing bugs into Bugzilla, exporting bugs from Bugzilla, and moving bugs between Bugzillas. importxml.pl


Anything that doesn't fit in the other components, or spans multiple components.


The Bugzilla Project website (http://www.bugzilla.org/) and issues with any mailing lists served under the bugzilla.org domain. This component does not include The Bugzilla Guide.

Creating/Changing Bugs

Creating, changing, and viewing bugs. enter_bug.cgi, post_bug.cgi, show_bug.cgi, process_bug.cgi


General issues with the database interface drivers for Bugzilla. End-user facing bugs should almost never go here. Compatibility issues that affect one database but not another should go here. Driver issues found by developers that affect database access should go here. Everything else should generally go in some other appropriate component.

Dependency Views

Viewing trees of dependent bugs, either as text or graphically. showdependencytree.cgi, showdependencygraph.cgi


Issues with Bugzilla Docker images and configurations


The bugzilla documentation, including anything in the docs/ directory and The Bugzilla Guide.

Email Notifications

Anything to do with email sent by Bugzilla about bugs. Bugzilla/BugMail.pm

Extension Ideas

Requests for enhancement which the Bugzilla team think would be best implemented as Bugzilla extensions.


Issues related to the Bugzilla extensions system. This is for bugs about the extensions system or extensions that ship with Bugzilla (such as BmpConvert or the Example extension). Bugs about third-party extensions should not be filed here-- usually third-party extensions have their own bug tracker.

Incoming Email

Everything related to bug creation and editing by email, using email_in.pl (or the contrib/bug_email scripts in old versions of Bugzilla).

Installation & Upgrading

The installation process of Bugzilla. This includes checksetup.pl and whatever else it evolves into

Limnoria-Bugzilla IRC Bot

Limnoria (formerly known as Supybot) is an IRC Bot. The Bugzilla Project maintains a highly customizable Bugzilla plugin for it, which can react to mentions of bugs and announce new bugs and bug changes to your channel.

QA Test Scripts

Bugs about missing or broken automatic test scripts used by the Bugzilla QA team should come here. This includes all Selenium, RPC and configuration scripts located at http://git.mozilla.org/?p=bugzilla/qa.git. For bugs related to the test suite released with Bugzilla, see the "Testing Suite" component.

Query/Bug List

Anything to do with searching for bugs and viewing the buglists. query.cgi and buglist.cgi


Getting reports from Bugzilla. reports.cgi, duplicates.cgi

Testing Suite

The Bugzilla Test Suite, for finding problems with Bugzilla.

User Accounts

Anything about managing a user account from the user's perspective. userprefs.cgi, saved queries, creating accounts, changing passwords, logging in, etc.

User Interface

General issues having to do with the user interface. This includes both presentation (how it looks) and behavior (how it works) but not functionality (what it does), which should be filed in a function-specific component like Email Notifications or in Bugzilla-General. Examples of bugs you might file here include column label "Pri" is confusing and take anonymous users to the simple query page by default but not need way to filter for requests with no requestee. As a general rule, bugs that affect only a single Bugzilla web page or can be fixed with changes just to templates probably go in this component, while bugs that affect multiple pages or fixes to Perl code probably go somewhere else.


For issues and bugs in the WebService interface. xmlrpc.cgi, jsonrcpc.cgi, rest.cgi, and Bugzilla/WebService/*.pm


Periodic mailed reports from Bugzilla. whine.pl, editwhines.cgi