The Mozilla Calendar project (more info)
Select a component to see open bugs in that component:
For issues with alarms for scheduled events and tasks.
For issues regarding Build Config.
For issues concerning the grid views: month, week, multiweek, and day. Issues concerning display, drag/drop, searching, and inline editing of events/tasks
For issues with the calendar, event, and task dialogs.
For issues with E-mail based scheduling, e.g. accepting invitations or sending out invitations, replies etc.
For issues which don't fit in a more specific Calendar component.
Bugs within the integration layer for the ICAL.js library from . For issues with the library itself (i.e in calendar/base/modules/ical.js), please file an issue on github. This component is about the wrapper interface between xpcom and ICAL.js
For issues with format conversions (for importing, exporting, emailing, cutting, pasting, dragging, and dropping to/from another application).
For issues with the internal interfaces of the calendar components. Bug example: Incorrect timezone calculations.
For issues that only affect the Lightning product. For example: Lightning menus, toolbars, Thunderbird integration, preferences etc. Note that localization issues should be reported to the Mozilla Localization project.
For issues that only affect the Lightning product on SeaMonkey. For example: SeaMonkey integration, preferences, etc.
Areas where Calendar integrates with the host desktop environment. Please use the relevant UI component for any Theme-related issues. Please use the "Core" product for other OS integration problems.
Issues related to calendar preferences.
For issues with printing.
For issues with CalDAV server communication
For issues regarding the 'Provider for Google Calendar' extension
For issues regarding communicating with .ics files via remote (http:) and local (file:) URIs.
For issues regarding local calendar storage, based on mozStorage (SQLite).
For issues with WCAP
For app-level security bugs.

If the problem relates to underlying components (PSM, NSS, Core, Toolkit) then please file it in the appropriate product instead of here.

For issues that only affect the Sunbird product. For example: toolbars, menu items, sunbird specific preferences, etc. Note that localization issues should be reported to the Mozilla Localization project.
For issues with Task lists, display, editing, and searching. (If it applies only to tasks file it here, if it applies to tasks and events file it in the view component).
For issues with the Calendar Project web pages (HTML). (Bugs in the on-line help documentation should be reported at the calendarhelp project.)