Cloud Services Graveyard

Old, retired components for Cloud Services.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:


A simple syncing mechanism for partners.

Find My Device

Bugs in the FirefoxOS Find My Device service, which allows users to remotely locate, message and secure their devices.

Firefox Home

For all bugs that are related to the Firefox Home app for the iPhone

Metrics: Pipeline

This component is for Cloud Services Metrics Pipeline project. This includes ETL, Data warehouse, Dashboards.


A service that let you get a certificate for a verified mobile number

Operations: Autopush

For operational issues related to Cloud Services managed Autopush deployments including

Operations: Elmo

Ops work for Elmo

Operations: Sync

For operations requests related to Sync

Server: SimplePush

Bugs in the Mozilla SimplePush service and related push-to-phone services.

Server: Sync

For bugs in the Sync Server code (

Server: Token

For bugs related to the Token Server, which converts a BrowserID assertion into an authorization token that can be used on services like Sync (

Server: WebPush

For all WebPush Server and client issues