Cloud Services

For bugs in Firefox Sync, Firefox Home, metrics, Server, Share, and other services. (more info)

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:


CloudServices requests related to the Autograph application, including deployments.


A simple syncing mechanism for partners.

Firefox: Common

Shared JS code used by other Services modules. Includes clients for services and misc JS utility functions.

Fraud Detection

Mozilla Alert Notifications And Triggers on External Events


This includes issues surrounding the deployment, maintenance, and on-going operation of fx-test infrastructure including Jenkins, Test-Rail, and Servicebook.


For bugs that have been triaged, but do not have a component that covers a bug.


This is for tasks, enhancements, and bugs related to Mozilla's Iodide deployment. Please file bugs with Iodide at their project's bug tracker.

Load Testing Requests

Does a cloud-services product need load testing? This is the correct place to file.


For bugs related to

Metrics: Dashboard

This component is for Cloud Services Metrics Pipeline project for Dashboards.

Metrics: Data Tools

For bug reports and feature requests related to the tools maintained by the Firefox Data Tools team (e.g.,, Distribution Viewer).

Metrics: Product Metrics

Product based KPIs.

Mission Control

Bugs and issues relating to the Mission Control project


For all issues related to Mozilla Services operational issues, including server changes, new hardware deployments, and anything else of the sort.

Operations: Activedata

Ops requests, including deployments, for Activedata

Operations: AMO

For all operational issues related to AMO.

Operations: Antenna

For operations requests on Antenna.

Operations: Autopush

For operational issues related to Cloud Services managed Autopush deployments including

Operations: AWS Account Request

Use for requesting accounts in cloud-services AWS environments

Operations: AWS Root Credentials

Used for approving the retrieval of the AWS root credentials for a given AWS IAM.

Operations: Bugzilla

CloudOps internal work for bugzilla infra

Operations: Bzetl

Ops requests, including deployments, for Bugzilla-ETL

Operations: Delivery Console

For operations requests on Delivery Console. Please file Delivery Console bugs in the GitHub project.

Operations: Deployment Requests

For all requests to deploy code to dev/stage/production environments.

Operations: Elmo

Ops work for Elmo

Operations: LandoAPI

CloudOps support and deployment for the Lando API codebase

Operations: LandoUI

CloudOps support and deployment for the Lando UI codebase

Operations: Marketplace

For all operational issues related to marketplace or addons.

Operations: Metrics/Monitoring

For all issues regarding metrics and monitoring

Operations: Normandy

For operations requests on Normandy.

Operations: Pageshot

For operations requests on PageShot

Operations: Phabricator

Bugs related to cloudops managed phabricator instances, including deployment

Operations: Product Delivery

For operational issues related to Cloud Services managed Product Delivery including,,

Operations: Sentry

For all operational issues related to Sentry Services

Operations: Shavar

Ops tasks related to the shavar product

Operations: Socorro

Ops work for Socorro

Operations: Storage

For all operational issues related to Storage Services (Kinto, Syncto, Absearch)

Operations: Taskcluster

Requests for changes to backend configuration of Taskcluster deployments at Mozilla, such as adding worker-manager providers.

Operations: Tecken

Ops work for Tecken


Operations tasks for CRLite


This is for Payments for Firefox Accounts (more info)

QA: General

Cloud Services QA test plans, deployments, and team tasks

QA: Test Automation

Test Automation bugs for Mozilla Services Projects (e2e, stack check, deployment validation, etc.)


Security-Sensitive Cloud Services Bugs

Server: absearch

Server-side of the a/b testing service for search settings in Firefox

Server: Account Portal

For bugs in the Account Portal code (

Server: Core

For bugs in the Server Core library code (

Server: Firefox Accounts

This is for the Firefox Account (, the next generation of device sharing and sync.

Server: Identity

Supplemental component for all Identity team (Persona, BrowserID, etc) server bugs and security disclosures.

Server: Key Exchange

For bugs in the Key Exchange Server code (

Server: Other

For bugs in the minimal server (, admin scripts (, dashboards ( and, and the load test (

Server: Product Announcements Campaign Manager

Server-side code for the Campaign Manager interface, supporting Product Announcements.

Server: Product Announcements Redirector

Server-side code for the Redirector interface, supporting Product Announcements.

Server: ReadingList

Server-side for the Reading List project.

Server: Registration

For issues with the account registration server (

Server: Remote Settings

Any bug related to a remote settings server problem.

Server: Screenshots

For Firefox Screenshots server bugs related to security and release tracking. Please file other bugs under Non-security or release management bugs filed here will be closed as incomplete and moved to GitHub Issues

Server: Share

For bugs in the server backend for sharing

Server: Shavar

Tracking Protection allows you to take control of your privacy online. While Firefox has a Do Not Track feature that tells websites not to monitor your behavior, companies are not required to honor it. Firefox's Tracking Protection feature puts the control back in your hands by actively blocking domains and sites that are known to track users (more info).

Server: Sync

For bugs in the Sync Server code (

Server: Token

For bugs related to the Token Server, which converts a BrowserID assertion into an authorization token that can be used on services like Sync (

Share: Firefox Client

App integration for sharing client

Share: Web Client

Client-facing web UI for sharing


Bugs in the Mozilla SimplePush service and related push-to-phone services.

Web Site

Anything concerning content on Services web sites. Includes any site under the umbrella, including,, and


For all WebPush Server and client issues