Community Building

For bugs about Community Building Working Groups, Partnerships and local communities.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

Community Equipment/Hardware

For community hardware

Community Fundraising and Partnerships

Funding campaigns for communities, use of the Mozilla Indiegogo cause and creating partnerships.


For Community Building aspects of the /contribute page

cs / Czech

Czech community

de / German

German Mozilla community

Education and Culture

For Community Building Education and Culture Working Group bugs


For Community Building Events Working Group planning bugs, not for event requests


For general tracking bugs of the Community Building Team


The component setup in 2015 for Mozilla Festival East Africa to track tasks for organizing and managing the event among teams.


For Community Building partnerships


For Community Building Pathways Working Group bugs


For Community Building Recognition Working Group bugs


For Community Building Research Working Group bugs

sk / Slovak

Slovak community

Systems and Data

For Community Building systems, metrics and tools

ug / Uganda

Mozilla Uganda Community