Content Services Graveyard

For bugs in Classification Engine, Interest Dashboard, Recommendations, Subscribe 2 Web, Tiles, and other services. (more info)

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

Classification Engine

Algorithms to power user personalization and analysis of data from users


For bugs that have been triaged, but do not have a component that covers a Content Services bug.

Interest Dashboard

Visual representation of interests and categorization for users to understand their browser data


Analysis and engine to suggest content such as news and sites

Subscribe 2 Web

Features to support the web without advertising


Services powering delivery and submission of Tiles related content

Tiles: Administration Front-End

Services for internal administration, authoring, reporting, e.g., splice

Tiles: Content Front-End

Services that provide content to end-users, e.g., onyx

Tiles: Data Processing

Backend storage and processing, e.g., infernyx, disco cluster

Tiles: Ops

Issues relating to the Tiles operations team


Bugs in the Content Services::Traffic component are for tiles campaigns trafficking requests (new campaign submissions or editing existing campaigns).