Content Services Graveyard
For bugs in Classification Engine, Interest Dashboard, Recommendations, Subscribe 2 Web, Tiles, and other services. (more info)
Select a component to see open bugs in that component:
Algorithms to power user personalization and analysis of data from users
For bugs that have been triaged, but do not have a component that covers a Content Services bug.
Visual representation of interests and categorization for users to understand their browser data
Analysis and engine to suggest content such as news and sites
Features to support the web without advertising
Services powering delivery and submission of Tiles related content
Services for internal administration, authoring, reporting, e.g., splice
Services that provide content to end-users, e.g., onyx
Backend storage and processing, e.g., infernyx, disco cluster
Issues relating to the Tiles operations team
Bugs in the Content Services::Traffic component are for tiles campaigns trafficking requests (new campaign submissions or editing existing campaigns).