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Cmd-line Features

For problems with command line parameter handling.

Examples: mozilla -console doesn't work. mozilla -ProfileManager doesn't work. mozilla -turbo doesn't work.

DOM: Apps

Bugs related to Gecko's navigator.mozApps DOM API

DOM: Contacts

Bugs related to Gecko's Contacts API.

DOM: Flyweb

Bugs related to the Flyweb project - implementation, discovery, networking and UX.

Embedding: ActiveX Wrapper

This is the ActiveX wrapper that is used when people want to embed Gecko in their application on Windows, instead of using IE as the embedded HTML control.

Embedding: APIs

The embedding API is the set of functions that an external application uses to host an instance of the layout engine within itself. The embedded layout engine provides services for rendering web content (HTML, XML, CSS, etc). Disabled per:

Embedding: GRE Core

Gecko Runtime Environment is the minimum set of files which are required for running applications written to embed the Gecko browsing engine. It contains the core xpcom libraries, nspr library, a set of key XPCOM components and other supporting files.

Embedding: GTK Widget

A GTK widget that allows the embedding of Mozilla into GTK applications.

Embedding: Mac

Covers issues and bugs specific to embedding in Mac Carbon or Cocoa applications.

Embedding: MFC Embed

For problems with the mfcEmbed application or the mfcEmbed components

Embedding: Packaging

This module is comprised of the makefiles and scripts in embedding/config which are used to build the dist/Embed package. Several embedding applications are built from the contents of dist/Embed as well as the packaged version of MfcEmbed.

Error Console

The Error Console displays errors, warnings and messages from various components including but not limited to JavaScript, DOM, XML, and CSS. This component is for problems with the Console itself and not for browser or web page problems that are noted in the console.

File Handling

For issues dealing with helper applications, and guessing Content Types when they aren't specified/known (ftp:, file:, jar:, but generally not http:). This component does not cover: backend networking issues, such as those covered by Networking: FTP or Networking: File, nor does it cover the Download Manager which has its own component in Toolkit.


Cross platform rendering interfaces and cross platform base implementations. Bugs that belong in this component are cross-platform problems with painting, such as fonts getting cropped or underlines not getting correctly removed with dynamic effects. Bugs like this that only occur on one platform belong in the appropriate component listed below.


Mapping of cross platform rendering interfaces to BeOS platform APIs.

GFX: Gtk

Mapping of cross platform rendering interfaces to GTK platform APIs (both versions).

GFX: Mac

Mapping of cross platform rendering interfaces to Mac platform APIs.


Mapping of cross platform rendering interfaces to OS/2 platform APIs.

GFX: Photon

Mapping of cross platform rendering interfaces to Photon platform APIs.

GFX: Win32

Mapping of cross platform rendering interfaces to Windows platform APIs.

GFX: Xlib

Mapping of cross platform rendering interfaces to Xlib platform APIs.

History: Global

This is the global history which tracks all URLs that a user has visited, across all sessions of the browser. This also includes the history window and link coloring. Examples of appropriate bugs: Chrome URLs incorrectly added to global history, Reproducible crash when sorting by Title in History window, misbehaviour in the History sidebar tab.


Persona / BrowserID Gecko and Firefox integration

Image: Painting

Bugs related to the rendering or drawing of images Use the Imagelib Component for issues with decoding.

Installer: GRE

Installer that is called by client products' installers requiring GRE. Manages issues related to installing GRE as a shared set of files.

Installer: MFCEmbed

The MFCEmbed installer installs MFCEmbed files and calls the GRE installer. In addition to providing a testable MFCEmbed, it serves as a test case for the GRE installer in its role as a client of other installers.

Installer: XPInstall Engine

For bugs in the underlying cross-platform installation technology. If you encounter an installation failure via a web page, it probably belongs here. Content developers should also report failures of the XPInstall API to this component.

Examples of appropriate bugs: Installer not installing all files; FinalizeInstall() doesn't check or return error codes; or Text from XPInstall confirmation dialog needs revision.

Java APIs for DOM

A Java implementation of the Core DOM Level 1 Specification. This API allows Java Applets to access and manipulate the Gecko DOM.

Java APIs to WebShell

This component is for bugs against the Java API wrapper around WebShell.

Java to XPCOM Bridge

For bugs with the interoperability between XPCOM components and Java objects.

Java-Implemented Plugins

For bugs against the support for Plugins that are written in Java. This is not OJI, nor the Java Plugin (formerly known as Activator).

Java: Live Connect

LiveConnect is bridging code that connects the standard JavaScript API's with Java API's to provide interlanguage calling. Through LiveConnect Java can access and call objects in JavaScript and JavaScript can access and call public methods and data in Java objects.

Java: OJI

Pluggable Java API


JIT Compiler Infrastructure shared by Mozilla's TraceMonkey compiler and Adobe's Tamarin compiler.

Networking: Domain Lists

Requests for changes to the Public Suffix List

Networking: FTP

For bugs in Mozilla's FTP code. This component deals with FTP specific issues like downloading, directory formats, problems with FTP login, or resuming partial downloads, etc.

Examples of appropriate bugs- Problems with multiple occurrences of files in directory listings, corruption in downloading certain files via FTP, etc.


Bugs in core Mozilla code that supports registering and using plug-ins. For bugs in specific plugins, please file those bugs under External Software Affecting Firefox.

Ports: Qt

Bugs that occur only in the Qt version of Mozilla, but not in other versions like the Gtk one. Sample Bugs: Printing does not work in the Qt port; Images don't show in the Qt port. Unless you know it's a Qt bug, don't file your bug here!

Printing: Xprint

For bugs in Mozilla's X11 print system. Bugs in the postscript print system should be filed on the Printing Component and not here.

Profile: BackEnd

Problems with the creation, deletion and changing of user profiles during the installation process.

Profile: Migration

Problems with conversion of profiles from previous versions.

Profile: Roaming

The "Roaming" feature in Seamonkey (not Firefox) that copies selected profile files to a HTTP or FTP server, similar to Netscape 4.x. See Profile Roaming. It is not the same as Windows Roaming profiles where the normal Mozilla profile is copied by the operating system to a server - these bugs belong in Profile:Backend or other components.

QuickLaunch (AKA turbo mode)

For bugs related to the QuickLaunch installer option and preference, which keeps the application resident in memory after all windows are closed, to speed subsequent component loading.


Resource Description Framework: Core RDF components, including the in-memory datasource, composite datasource, RDF/XML parser, and RDF resource manager.

Security: UI

PSM client library


Issues dealing with Theme Switching and the infrastructure/plumbing of skins. This subsumes the "skins" keyword.

Example: Issues with the Themes Preference Panel, switching from one Theme to another, and skin interaction.


For bugs in Mozilla's SQL support. See the project page for more details.

Talkback Client

Problems related to the Full Circle client.

Problems with the server software should be filed in


This component is used primarily for "tracking" bugs; bugs used to track a group of bugs.

View Source

For issues concerning the source window for web pages. Examples of appropriate bugs: menu items in the view source window aren't working, unable to wrap lines in source window, coloring in source window is broken, etc. However, bugs dealing with the HTML Source tab in Composer and lower-level parsing issues do NOT belong here.

Viewer App

This is the viewer test app. utilized by Gecko engineers to test the layout engine.

Web Replay

For bugs related to the Web Replay technology used when recording, replaying, and rewinding tabs

Web Services

For problems in using SOAP and WSDL to call Web Services from scripts in Mozilla.

Examples: WSDL crashes if no <message> defined; WSDL Proxy callback doesn't allow access to the SOAP Response; Need better facilities to debug SOAP calls.


Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol support. Currently lives in mozilla/extensions/webdav/.

Widget: Android

Mapping of cross platform widget interfaces to Android platform APIs.

Widget: BeOS

Mapping of cross platform widget interfaces to BeOS platform APIs.

Widget: Gonk

Mapping of cross platform widget interfaces to Gonk

Widget: Mac

Mapping of cross platform widget interfaces to Mac platform APIs.

Widget: OS/2

Mapping of cross platform widget interfaces to OS/2 platform APIs.

Widget: Photon

Mapping of cross platform widget interfaces to Photon platform APIs.

Widget: Qt

Mapping of cross platform widget interfaces to Qt platform APIs.

Widget: WinRT

Mapping of cross platform widget interfaces to WinRT platform APIs

Widget: Xlib

Mapping of cross platform widget interfaces to Xlib platform APIs.


X-Remote Client and Server


For bugs with XForms support. This covers all XForms issues including parsing, data model, form controls, and submission.