Data & BI Services Team

Data & BI Services Team provides data ingestion, processing and storage services, as well as BI consulting, dashboarding, reporting and custom visualization services for consumers of Mozilla product, people and business data.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

BI: Existing Dashboards

Dashboards/graphs using data sources already in use by other dashboards/graphs.

BI: New Dashboards

Dashboards/graphs using new data sources. When in doubt, use this component.

BI: Tableau Administration

Tableau administration bugs - e.g. upgrades, backups, security.

Data Processing : ETL : Vertica target

Work item for tasks related to setup, maintenance or teardown a Vertica targeted job.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse requests.

DB: Hadoop Administration

Hadoop administration requests


MySQL requests for all services except Bugzilla and reviewboard.

DB: MySQL bugzilla/reviewboard

Bugzilla and reviewboard MySQL requests

DB: Postgres

Postgres database requests

DI: Bagheera/Kafka

Bagheera/Kafka requests

DI: Hadoop

Hadoop ETL requests.

DI: New request

New Data Integration requests

DI: Other

Other Data Integration requests

DI: Problem/support

Problems with data integrations, request for support/maintenance


Other Data Team requests.