Developer Infrastructure

Other developer workflow and infrastructure components

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Developer Environment Integration

For issues related to integrating Firefox development into other tools. e.g. IDE (like VSCode, Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.) integration. gdb/lldb and pernosco and rr integration. Issues developing with the Emacs (or Vim) operating system.

Firefox Source Docs: Content

For issues relating to documentation on


Developer Infrastructure bugs unrelated to other Developer Infrastructure tools

Lint and Formatting

Issues related to linting tools (e.g flake8, eslint) and code formatting tools (clang-format). Feature requests for these tools can also be filed here

Mach Vendor & Updatebot

The ./mach vendor command and issues associated with Updatebot

Source Code Analysis

For issues related to static analysis tools - e.g. clang-analyzer, Code Review Bot (reviewbot). Feature requests for source code analysis tools can also be filed here.

Source Documentation

For issues related to documentation generated from in-repository content. This covers the Sphinx documentation (`mach doc` and


For issues interfacing with try server, e.g mach try, pushing, trychooser. For scheduling requests, use the "Task Configuration" component.