Firefox Graveyard
Old, retired Firefox components
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Bugs in the Account Manager feature, which negotiates and automates authentication, account creation, and other account-related actions.
The 3D Visualization for the DOM (tilt).
Inaccurate information and typos in Firefox's built-in help documentation. Note: problems with the Help Viewer itself should be filed in the Help Viewer component of the Toolkit product.
Bugs and feature requests for Firefox microsummaries. This includes front-end elements like integration with the bookmarks properties dialog and the bookmarks toolbar as well as back-end elements like automatic updates.
Bugs and feature requests for Panorama, formerly known as TabCandy, also known as TabView and Tab Groups.
File bugs here to request inclusion on the Firefox click-to-activate whitelist for NPAPI plugins. See for details about applying for inclusion on the whitelist.
Bugs relating to the Reading List, syncing the Reading List, and integration with Reader View.
Shumway is an HTML+JS intepreter for SWF (Flash) content
Bugs related to the Web Apps integration in Firefox
The webapp runtime for Firefox, which comprises: the stub executable launcher (i.e. the binary and related files that Firefox creates for each webapp you install to your local computer) and the XUL shell (i.e. the XULRunner application that the launcher uses to load a webapp and provide it with native integration APIs). Note: bugs about Gecko's navigator.mozApps DOM API (i.e. the API that web pages use to request webapp installation) go in Core / DOM: Apps; bugs about Firefox's webapp installer (i.e. the feature that creates a launcher when the user approves an installation request) go in Firefox / Web Apps.
Bugs filed against WinQual crash/hang data