Firefox OS
FirefoxOS, or Boot2Gecko (B2G) is Mozilla's operating system built on web standards. (more info)
Select a component to see open bugs in that component:
Different audio channel types, audio volume control policy and audio competing policy.
Firefox Add-on to install Firefox OS on to devices
Untriaged bugs from the Firefox OS beta program.
Infrastructure to perform on device automation, provided by Bitbar
Bluetooth support in Boot2Gecko/Firefox OS
Issues related to components of the Firefox OS Branding Certification Suite.
The developer tools in Firefox OS
Any issues related to the BootToGecko emulator.
Find My Device is a feature to help users locate/control their Firefox OS Phones. Also covers the launcher in the System app.
The FxA component will be used for cross-functional product tracking including, but not limited to: FxOS, Android, Desktop, Marketplace, Where's My Fox (WMF).
For bugs related to the Boot2Gecko user interface and apps.
Tool for editing apps on-device and persisting changes.
Any issues related to bluetooth in Gaia directly related to the system itself.
Gaia's Bookmark manager
Gaia's browser app.
A bugzilla client designed to work well on mobile devices.
Issues related to Gaia build system such as Makefile and build scripts running on xpcshell or node.js
Gaia calendar app, protocol issues, features, bugs etc.
Gaia's camera application.
Gaia's clock application.
Collection of web components and modules used in the Gaia project across several teams and applications.
Gaia's contacts application.
Gaia's cost control application. Also covers a widget launcher in System app.
Tool for editing apps on-device and persisting changes.
Gaia's dialer application.
Gaia E-mail Application. New bugs should include the information requested at
Any issues related to integration across the homescreen and system wrapper.
Catch all component for bugs filed from Firefox devices
Gaia's first time experience app.
Gaia's FM radio application.
Tool for editing apps on-device and persisting changes.
Gaia's gallery application.
Github bot automation tools including the gaia autolander project.
Tool for editing apps on-device and persisting changes.
Bugs related to Gaia's Homescreen app that should focus on issues involving the different grids of icons.
Any issues related to Gaia's keyboard.
Gaia's localization library. (Bugs about specific localizations and translation requests should go into the Mozilla Localization product.)
Loop (aka Hello) is the WebRTC client for Gaia.
Gaia's music application.
Please file bugs that happens in the Network Alerts (aka CMAS or Emergency Alerts) application
Bugs related to the Notes app in Firefox OS.
Tool for editing apps on-device and persisting changes.
Gaia's PDF viewer application.
In tree performance testing for Gaia.
Configuration, setup, and tooling around gaia's development and test environments.
For bugs in the Gaia ringtones app (apps/ringtones/)
Gaia's search app. Displays results as you type in the system URL/search bar.
Bugs related to Gaia's Settings app.
Bugs related to Gaia's shared code.
Gaia's SMS application.
Bugs related to Gaia's System app except the lockscreen and window management.
Gaia system accessibility code.
Audio priority management in System app (see B2G: AudioChannel for the Gecko part of the logic)
Issues related to the Browser UI in the System App
Download manager and notifications in the system app.
Bugs related to management of input apps (usually virtual keyboards) in the System app. For bugs related to the built-in keyboard app, please file the bug under Gaia::Keyboard.
Any issues related to Gaia's lockscreen.
Mobile connection code in the system app.
The Mobile Identity WebAPI enables web application authors to obtain a verified phone number (MSISDN) after the user selected the number to be shared and gave explicit permission to the app to obtain it.
Music control widget in utility tray and lock screen, in System app.
UI bits for the mozPay flow.
Device power management in System app (screen and CPU control and wake locks)
SIM Tool Kit UI and handling. Currently lives in both System app and Settings app.
Provide status bar and utility tray frameworks for other part of System apps to show UI in it. This component also covers notifications and quick settings UI in utility tray. clock.js (this file is for status bar only; lock screen has it's own in apps/system/lockscreen)
Device USB and external/internal storage management, in System app.
Device-wide UI and dialogs in System app.
The FxOS system task manager.
System app UIs that shows WebRTC status, in status bar and utility tray.
Wifi management and captive portal dialog in System app.
Bugs related to window management in the System app. This includes app launching, app transitions, app killing, app crashing, app resizing, popups, web activities, app notifications, wrapper UX, orientation control, visibility control, context menus, error pages, and task manager.
Unit test framework and runner for gaia.
Tool for editing apps on-device and persisting changes.
This component is for the general Gaia bugs of the Firefox OS TV product. Gaia TV bugs that can't be categorized into Gaia::TV::Home nor Gaia::TV::System go here.
This component is for Gaia bugs working on the Firefox OS TV Browser app.
This component is for Gaia bugs working on the Firefox OS TV Fling app.
This component is for Gaia bugs working on the Firefox OS TV Smart Home app.
This component is for Gaia bugs working on the Firefox OS TV System app.
For tracking Gaia UI test failures in automation. For bugs in the test harness, use Testing :: JSMarionette
Gaia's video application.
This component covers the implementation of Vaani, the current code name for the Firefox OS's Voice Control implementation.
For bugs in the Gaia wallpaper app (apps/wallpaper/)
Use this component to report any bugs for the Wappush implementation in Firefox OS.
For bugs in Boot2Gecko / B2G / Firefox OS that are not more specifically Gecko or Gaia (user interface) bugs.
Issues related to integrating the Gonk build system (based on the Android build system) and its helper scripts.
As part of the B2G Test Drivers (dogfooding) program, we are requiring people to submit bugs here to request hardware (phones).
Issues related to the device automation infrastructure.
This component is use to identify the MCTS (Mozilla Certification Test Suite) waiver request submitted by TAM for each partner
This component has collection of metrics/analytics that are being collected on the device. eg: FTU ping, App usage ping be on this component (more info).
A one-stop shop for setting up Firefox OS-related tools, which can handle automatic Testing on Mulet or a real device, flashing TaskCluster images, flashing with the B2G installer add-on, and running the TV and phone versions of Mulet.
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is really important for hardware/software stability testing. This is set up for any bug, request, and so forth
MTP and UMS related issues which occur on Firefox OS products.
NFC support in Boot2Gecko/Firefox OS.
General performance issues impacting Firefox OS
Gecko & Gonk issues related to the Radio Interface Layer (RIL) in the BootToGecko product such as Telephony, Messaging, Data Connection, and WAP Push.
Gecko & Gonk issues related to the RTSP in the Firefox OS product.
Gecko runtime in the B2G stack and B2G Desktop, providing the glue between gecko and gaia.
Firefox OS Simulator is a test environment for Firefox OS.
Along with rapid growing of Firefox OS, stability issues has become more and more important than ever before. This is for all stability tests on Firefox OS (B2G).
Contains bugs related to Firefox OS specific Sync implementation. Bugs in the Sync back-ends should be tracked in Mozilla Services::Sync Back-end.
The vendor requests to generate the authority for the listed accounts due to everyone of them needs to modify issues, not only monitor.
WiFi support in Boot2Gecko/Firefox OS