Firefox for Metro Graveyard

Firefox for Windows 8 Touch (formerly Metro) is Mozilla's version of Firefox for the Windows 8 touch interface included in Firefox Desktop on Windows 8 and higher. (more info)

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

App Bar

Issues with the unified navigation bar, app bar, tab dock, and tab behavior.


Bookmark management, import, export, display, and user interaction issues in any of the current bookmark related views.


Issues with core browser and content display.

Build Config

Issues with build and configuration setup.


Issues with self contained components and add-ons, including pdfjs, popup blocker, downloads, and private browsing.


Issues with download user interface or download behavior.

File Handling

Issues with downloaded file handling and helper applications.

Firefox Start

Issues with the tiled start screen.


Issues, features, or changes revolving around flyout panels.


Bugs to be triaged or bugs that do not fit into existing product components.


Issues with mouse and touch interaction in chrome and content including text selection, form input, soft keyboard, links, context menus, and focus related issues.


Issues with either installing, uninstalling, or updating Metro Firefox.

Pan and Zoom

Front end issues with panning and zooming.


Issues with operating system integration including charms menu features, app bar, and snap view.


Front end issues with sync service.


Automated test related features and failures.


Issues and requests for enhancements to the default theme that ships with Firefox for Metro.