For bugs in Firefox Desktop, the Mozilla Foundation's web browser. For Firefox user interface issues in menus, developer tools, bookmarks, location bar, and preferences. Many Firefox bugs will either be filed here or in the Core product. (more info)
Select a component to see open bugs in that component:
Bugs for the development of our application servers for activity streams including our metrics collection front-ends (onyx), our content management system (splice) and our data processing rules (infernyx)
General Activity Streams bugs
Bugs for the newtab page activity streams implementation
Bugs for server infrastructure supporting our application servers for activity streams
Bugs for the Timeline page activity streams implementation
For bugs in the Firefox "Smart Location Bar" UI element, including the bookmark and history autocomplete matching behavior.
Bugs and feature requests for Firefox bookmarks & history. This includes the bookmarks menu, add and modify bookmarks dialogs and the bookmarks manager.
For bugs and feature requests in the Firefox build and configuration setup. More info: Build Config module description.
For bugs relating to developer tools within the Firefox web browser (devtools). This includes developer-related APIs and front-end features.
Bugs related to the about:debugging page.
For issues relating to the Animation Inspector within Firefox Developer Tools.
Bugs and issues with the WebGL and 2D canvas context debugger within Firefox developer tools.
For issues relating to the Computed Styles Inspector within Firefox Developer Tools.
For issues with the Web Console, Graphical Command Line (GCLI), console object, etc within Firefox developer tools
For issues relating to the CSS Rules Inspector within Firefox Developer Tools.
Issues related to the debugger should be filed in Any issues filed in bugzilla for the debugger will eventually be tracked in GitHub.
The DOM panel in Firefox DevTools which shows the DOM properties, functions, etc. in the current environment.
For issues relating to the Font Inspector within Firefox Developer Tools.
Bugs pertaining to the Developer Tools Toolbox and remote connection mechanisms.
The Graphic Command line and Global Developer Toolbar.
For issues with the Highlighter, Rule Inspector, Style Inspector and HTML view within Firefox developer tools
File bugs here for Firefox's built-in JSON Viewer.
For issues related to the Measuring Tool and Page Rulers within Firefox Developer Tools
Bugs relating to the Firefox Memory Developer Tool.
The Netmonitor is the network logging feature in the Firefox Developer Tools.
For issues with object inspection within Firefox developer tools
The Built-in JavaScript profiler.
The Responsive Design Mode developer tool, which supports testing content at various screen sizes, pixel ratios, etc.
For issues with the JavaScript Scratchpad feature of Firefox developer tools
A place to work on shared React components (and other UI utilities) that will be used across the Developer Tools
This component is responsible for the code editor and wraps the Orion editor in an API.
Issues with the Storage Inspector (Cookies, IndexDB, localStorage, etc)
For issues with the Style Editor within Firefox developer tools
Component for the Web Audio Editor within Firefox Developer Tools
Bugs and issues with WebGL shader editor for GLSL code within Firefox developer tools.
Bugs related to the WebIDE tool for developing and debugging apps and web sites.
Bugs and feature requests for the Firefox UI to give or revoke web page permissions to access devices (camera, microphone, screen share, ...).
Accessibility compliance bugs in Firefox: screen readers, magnifier tools support, user interface bugs affecting on disabled people experience.
Bugs related to the creation of desktop distributions (distribution.ini)
For issues with the Downloads Panel, the new download manager of Firefox that lives in the navigation toolbar.
Bugs and feature requests related to specific policies implemented in Firefox, or to the policy engine itself.
Version level or extension problems or Gecko problems that cause extensions not to work. Also home to INVALID bugs where a malfunctioning extension has broken Firefox.
For issues dealing with helper applications, and guessing Content Types when they aren't specified/known (ftp:, file:, jar:, but generally not http:). This component does not cover: backend networking issues, such as those covered by Networking: FTP or Networking: File, nor does it cover the Download Manager which has its own component in the Toolkit product.
For bugs in shared services/fxaccounts code related to Firefox accounts
Bugs found through the FFx 57 foxfooding program will be filed in this component to be triaged to the appropriate buckets.
For bugs in Firefox which do not fit into other more specific Firefox components
For bugs related to headless browsing mode where Firefox is a web browser without a Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Bugs and feature requests for the Firefox application install wizard.
Keyboard shortcut navigation in Firefox's user interface
Bugs and feature requests for Firefox menus. This includes toplevel and context menus.
Firefox Profile Migration from other browsers.
The page displayed when a new tab is opened (about:newtab).
For issues with the Page Info window.
For bugs related to Firefox's built-in PDF viewing capabilities (also known as pdf.js).
Bugs involving the integration with Pocket and Firefox.
Bugs and feature requests for Firefox preferences. This includes the Tools->Options UI as well as the preference defaults.
For bugs and feature requests in Firefox's Private Browsing implementation.
Bugs in Firefox's discovery of RSS feeds and inline preview. This is separate from live bookmarks.
A white list that folks need to apply to access to allow their sites to use screen sharing (more info).
For Firefox Screenshots system add-on bugs related to security and release tracking. Please file other bugs under Non-security or release management bugs filed here will be closed as incomplete and moved to GitHub Issues
Web search UI, default search engines and Toolkit's search service. Find-in-page bugs belong in Toolkit::Find Toolbar instead.
For app-level security bugs.

If the problem relates to underlying components (PSM, NSS, Core, Toolkit) then please file it in the appropriate product instead of here.

Task queue for the Platform Integrity Security Team
For bugs in Firefox's session restore functionality, including the undo close tab feature.
This component is responsible for determining if Firefox is the default browser, setting Firefox as the default browser, and setting the desktop background.
For issues relating to the site identity block in the location bar, site information panel (also known as "Control Center"), and prompts from sites that require additional permissions (such as geolocation, camera, and microphone).
Social has become an integral part of the Web experience, and that's driving the need for social touch points in the browser. This component covers all pieces of UI and platform work to integrate the social experience into Firefox.
This component is used to track bugs in code from third-party social providers that use the Social API. For bugs in Firefox's implementation of the Social API, use Firefox::SocialAPI.
Contains bugs related to Firefox accounts-based Sync UI. Bugs in the Sync back-ends should be tracked in Cloud Services::Firefox: Sync Back-end
For problems in the browser tab features or problems with the widget itself.
General user interface, user experience, and visual design for the default theme used in Firefox.
Bugs and feature requests for Firefox toolbars. This includes toolbar customization.
UITour, firstrun and whatsnew Firefox bugs.
For bugs and feature requests in Firefox's Tracking Protection feature.
Instant translation and language detection in Firefox.
For newly filed bugs that need some help finding the right place to go.