Grendel Graveyard

The Grendel Java-based mail/news reader (more info)

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

Addressbook/LDAP (non-UI)

Issues with the Grendel Address Book that does NOT include user interface issues. Those should go under Grendel: User Interface.


Problems with the preferences back-end code. This includes preferences not being saved, issues retrieving preferences, problems applying user settings, and other back-end issues. User interface issues should be filed in Grendel: User Interface.


Grendel protocol issues (like problems using SMTP, NTTP, POP3, or other protocols Grendel supports) should be filed here. Problems include issues downloading from a certain protocol or protocol specific issues.

User Interface

Any issues with the Grendel user-interface. This includes issues displaying the main Grendel window, Address Book window, or dialogs.