Infrastructure & Operations

Server and networking infrastructure, including web properties, CDN, DNS (more info)

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

AVOps: Corsica

Empathic screens for the masses (more info)

AVOps: Crestron

Issues with Room control, feature requests and implimentation.

AVOps: Projects

All Projects related to Audio/Visual Infrastructure and Tools.

AVOps: Streaming

Streaming Infrastructure issues in Air Mozilla Spaces


Requests, support and issues related to or any other Mozilla Blog

Change Requests

Anything that needs approval from the Change Advisory Board (CAB)

Community IT: Discourse

Mozilla Discourse

Corporate VPN: ACL requests

ACL requests for the Mozilla Corporate VPN (granting or revoking user access to hosts).

Corporate VPN: Support requests

Support requests for any issues using the Mozilla Corporate VPN (software, connection failures, authentication, etc.)


Data Center operations

DNS and Domain Registration

Issues relating to internal and external DNS services and purchase or transfer of domain names. For formatting requirements, please see

Infrastructure: Backups

Bugs relating to backups and restoration of core infrastructure

Infrastructure: LDAP

Issues regarding the corporate OpenLDAP infrastructure at Mozilla, including account related requests.

Infrastructure: Mail

Issues regarding mail but not Zimbra

Infrastructure: OpenVPN

Anything related to the OpenVPN infrastructure at Mozilla

Infrastructure: Other

For general infrastructure issues.

Infrastructure: Puppet

Issues and requests relating to puppet

Infrastructure: Tools

Issues related to internal tools and bots

IT-Managed Tools

Web applications that are provided directly by Mozilla IT such as

Marketing Infrastructure

Bugs and requests related to our infrastructure.


Issues relating to Mozilla's Matrix service, including bridging, service accounts, bot support and anything else.

MOC: Documentation

Bugs related to alert documentation and other documentation needed by the MOC or supplied by the MOC.

MOC: Problems

Tracking bugs for status updates, Vendor Maintenance, and RCA of Infrastructure outages.

MOC: Projects

Long-term project tracking and planning bugs. Requests for new SOC tools, bug related to quarter and yearly goals.

MOC: Root Cause Analysis

Bugs to track the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process for incidents.

MOC: Service Requests

End-User requests for infrastructure support unrelated to ongoing outages.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Issues around Duo Security or other Multi-Factor Authentication issues relating to Mozilla's Authentication infrastructure

Proxy ACL Request

Datacenter proxy ACL request form

Relops: Azure

General Azure administration and Azure Taskcluster workers

RelOps: General

IT requests related to deploying and managing the RelEng infrastructure.

RelOps: Hardware

Bugs directly related to the Relops managed hardware such as HPE Moonshots and Mac Minis. This includes issues and configuration changes related to iLo and/or IPMI

RelOps: OpenCloudConfig

Bugs and enhancements directly related to OpenCloudConfig, the TaskCluster Windows worker configuration system with source code at:

RelOps: Posix OS

Bugs and enhancements directly related to POSIX Operating Systems such as Linux and MacOS. This includes requests related to OS administration, installation and/or image creation

RelOps: Puppet

Bugs and enhancements directly related to PuppetAgain, the release engineering configuration management system.

RelOps: Windows OS

Bugs and enhancements directly related to Windows Operating Systems. This includes requests related to OS administration, installation and/or image creation


Bugs for the IT Runtime team


Service requests for IT SRE managed sites and services hosted in AWS including,, Connected Workplace bots, Jira, Mana, Wikimo, IAM, Common Voice and Blogs. (list of services)

SSL Certificates

Any bugs regarding the acquisition or renewal of SSL certificates

SSO: Issues

Bugs relating to IT's SSO/SAML/OIDC implementation with Auth0

SSO: Requests

Requests for new SSO/SAML/OIDC integrations, or changes to existing integrations. Please see


Bugs having to do with the operation of our storage systems (netapp, nfs, iscsi, etc)


Back end architecture projects, configuration changes, menu changes, and anything to do with telephones that isn't handled by Desktop Support. The following items are handled by Desktop Support, not Telecom: Extension assignments for telephones, Voicemail password resets, Softphone accounts, and assistance using your phone or softphone.


Tools team for the Mozilla Operations Center


Bugs having to do with our VMWare environment.