Localization Infrastructure and Tools

Tools, libraries and automation involved in Mozilla's localization processes

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Administration / Setup

Changes to the installations or configurations of the automation. For setup changes to localized builds, please file bugs in Release Engineering.


Automation used for l10n systems. Bugs on a10n, master-ball, slave-ball go into this component. For automation localized builds, please file bugs in Release Engineering.


Python library to analyze localization files and create metrics. This library is used on l10n.mozilla.org, and as part of our localized builds.

Fluent Migration

Python library running Fluent migration recipes


A localization infrastructure problem that doesn't belong in the other components. Please check the Release Engineering products and the Build Config components of other products, as well as the webtools product for good components.


Projects and Tools to assess and improve localization quality across locales. For issues with particular localizations, please file a bug in Mozilla Localizations.


Python library to parse, edit, and serialize localization files. Used by pontoon.mozilla.org and others