Marketplace Graveyard

Mozilla's website ( to bring personalized discovery, worldwide distribution, and easy payments to the largest platform for app development: the Web. (more info)

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

3rd Party Applications

Bugs relating to 3rd party applications listed within the Firefox Marketplace.

Admin Tools

Problems and enhancements concerning tools and pages for app administration.


Issues and feature requests related to Marketplace APIs.

Code Quality

Coding standards and organization, minor notices/warnings/errors, refactoring

Consumer Pages

For problems with the user-facing portion of This includes Homepage, Apps details page, Account settings etc

Curation Tools

Problems and enhancements concerning the curation tools for feed and featured apps on Marketplace.

Developer Pages

For issues with the Developer pages (Submission, Management and Documentation) of Apps.


If you are not clear where to file your bug/request, file here.


This component is for all tracking bugs for integration of Marketplace with Gaia, Identity and other products.


Problems and enhancements concerning App purchase and refunds.

Reference Apps

Bugs relating to apps Mozilla maintains but does not ship with Gaia. These are apps on the Marketplace that also serve as a best practice reference for Open Web Apps.

Request to Pre-Install Apps

Requests for permission to pre-install Marketplace apps on Branded Firefox OS devices

Reviewer Tools

Problems and enhancements concerning tools and pages for app reviewers.


Problems and enhancements concerning Marketplace security.


Problems and enhancements concerning the developers' Statistics Dashboard or related scripts.


Bugs and feature requests concerning app validation.