MozReview Graveyard

Mozilla's installation of Review Board and related systems for tracking and managing code review.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:


Static analysis bots (mozreviewbot) such as ESLint.



Issues that don't have a home in a more specific component.


Infrastructure running MozReview specific components.

Integration: Bugzilla

Integration with from MozReview.

Integration: Git

Integration with MozReview/Review Board from git.

Integration: Mercurial

Integration with MozReview/Review Board from Mercurial/hg.

Review Board: DiffViewer

For bugs relating to viewing diffs and interdiffs.

Review Board: Extension

Issues with the mozreview or rbbz extensions to Review Board.

Review Board: Upstream

Issues with Review Board that need to be fixed in upstream Review Board first (

Review Board: User Interface

Interface related Review Board issues.


Bug reports and feature requests for the "reviewbot" IRC bot on

Testing / Development Environment

Issues with the docker/ansible testing/development environment.