Mozilla Developer Network
For bugs and requests related to management of the Mozilla Developer Network, and for bugs and requests related to the Kuma platform that drives the MDN wiki. Documentation content related issues should be reported under 'Developer Documentation'.
Select a component to see open bugs in that component:
Issues to get help with account changes or access.
Requests related to administration of the MDN website (f.e.: user privileges, configuration changes).
Bugs and feature requests for the Compatibility Data web application.
Things we would like to fix in the MDN source code.
Site collaboration. Following users, sending messages between users, etc.
Dashboard features, types of dashboards, etc.
The Demo Studio platform
For anything related to demos
Visual design, user experience, usability, information architecture, etc.
For issues related to the MDN Docs section of
Anything that affects site editors. Using the WYSIWYG, moving pages, reverting revisions, etc.
Anything related to MDN events.
File attachment tools. Requests for file attachments should go under "Documentation"
Anything else.
The template language of the MDN.
Anything that affects localizers. Localization tools, localization workflow, etc.
Anything related to MDN marketing activities
Anything related to how quickly resources load.
Editing profiles, profile features, etc.
In-site search. The search algorithm, organizing search results, etc.
Features that would enhance security, reports about vulnerabilities, etc. Use the "Security" checkbox if this is a problem that others could harm others.
Issues with the MDN developer environment and setup scripts.
Persona integration, authentication workflow, etc.
Adding and removing tags, types of flags, etc.
Banning users, managing permissions, etc.
For issues with features or content on (i.e.: broken links, website copy)
Anything related to landing/wiki pages, such as the homepage and the "Learning" page.