Mozilla Foundation Communications

The Mozilla Foundation runs programs like Mozilla Webmaker, Open Badges, Open News and more.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:


Posts to the Webmaker blog, Mozilla blog and others.

Copy Editing and Review

For editing text and tightening copy.


Requests for help with anything regarding sending mass communication through Blue State Digital, ExactTarget or Salesforce.


How-tos and documentation for users.

Email Outreach

Email sends to our main mailing list.

Graphic Design

Visual assets and design work for Mozilla Foundation communications.

Internal Process

Any internal/structural process for the MoFo engagement team that doesn't fit into another category.


For Mozilla Foundation communications about software releases, big announcements, launching new initiatives, etc.

Message Platform

Talking points and key messaging.


PR and outreach to journalists and newsmakers, for Mozilla Foundation communications.

Press Clips

collection of press clippings for this project to be shared with MoFo Staff.

Social Media

Planning and programming for our social media channels.

Staff Email

messaging email sent to MoFo staff with talking points, links and sample tweets.


Website content, planning and strategy for and other MoFo sites.