Release Engineering

For bugs related to all aspects of Mozilla's Release Engineering pipeline, including branded releases, continuous automation, release automation, tools, repos and hooks, machine issues, loaner machines, buildbot.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

Applications: MozharnessCore

Issues related to mozharness's core, Mozilla's configuration-driven script harness should be filed here.

Applications: Shipit

Issues related to the core, web admin interface, business logic and REST API of our release dashboard (Ship-it).

Firefox-CI Administration

Requests for changes in services that affect Firefox-CI.


This component is used for goals, tracking bugs, and any general RelEng work that spans across different RelEng components. Anything that doesn't fit in any other component goes here.

Release Automation: Bouncer

Issues related to bouncer communication to serve releases

Release Automation: L10N

Issues related to localization within the release workflow

Release Automation: Other

Anything that doesn't fit in any of the sibling components

Release Automation: Packaging

Issues with Mozilla's official Firefox packages (e.g.: .deb, Flatpak)

Release Automation: Signing

Issues related to signing within the release workflow

Release Automation: Updates

Issues related to generation, submission and serving of updates (balrogworkers, tools, etc)

Release Automation: Uploading

Issues related to transferring artifacts from one place to another (beetmoverworkers)

Release Requests

Issues related to custom builds of Firefox produced by Mozilla, or updates to those builds