An all-in-one internet application suite, including web browser, e-mail and newsgroup client, and HTML composer. (more info)

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:


Problems with autocompletion (e.g. behavior of the autocomplete widget) anywhere in the application. This includes autocomplete in the URLbar and mailnews address fields.

Bookmarks & History

Problems with the Bookmarks and History UI, including adding, deleting, editing. Also includes problems with Bookmarks Manager, toolbar ("Personal Toolbar") and menu, History window and "Go" menu.

Build Config

For bugs that result from SeaMonkey build problems. ("Building" is the process of converting the thousands of Mozilla source code files into a actual executable software.) If a file in a newly-downloaded build is missing or corrupted, file the bug in this component. Examples of appropriate bugs: Build date in browser window is incorrect; DLL files are missing from the ZIP file; or Build contains a zero K executable.


For bugs in the integrated Calendar application (Lightning), including issues in the preference pane for the Calendar component.


For bugs in the integrated Chat application (ChatZilla), including issues in the preference pane for the Chat component


For bugs in the Composer application, the high-level application that is used to create HTML documents. Appropriate bugs include those not belonging to the core editor engine, including an inability to launch the composer application and problems in the general user interface of the composer application or toolbar, such as incorrectly behaving toolbar buttons and menu items, and incorrect dialog behavior. Please see the bug description for Editor: Core for more information.

Download & File Handling

Problems with download and file handling UI in SeaMonkey. This includes the download manager window, "helper applications" UI, and open/save file dialogs.

Feed Discovery and Preview

For bugs in SeaMonkey's discovery of feeds and inline preview.

Find In Page

This component covers bugs in the "Find As You Type" (also known as "Type Ahead Find" or "Incremental Search") feature, which allows quick web page navigation when you type a sequence of characters in the body of the displayed page (not in the Location Bar, edit boxes, or other form elements). Sample bugs include: not finding text on a page, not highlighting text, crashing, etc.


A "catch all" component for problems found when using the SeaMonkey suite which do not fall into one of the current components. Example: launch/exit crashes, features missing, etc. PLEASE NOTE!! Try to find a component which is specific to your bug first - BEFORE assigning to this component!

Help Documentation

Use this component to report problems with the Help menu, Help menu items, Help Viewer and SeaMonkey Help content. Examples: Clicking a Help menu item fails to open the appropriate Help file or Help Viewer has missing buttons.

Help Viewer

Use this component to report problems with the Help Viewer used in toolkit apps like Firefox. Examples: topics won't load in the Help Viewer, or the Back button doesn't work in the Help Viewer.


For bugs in the native Mozilla installers, before Mozilla itself is running. Note: If the installer completes, but Mozilla (or the Mozilla User Profile Manager) won't launch or work correctly, this is not the right place to submit your bug; please try General. Examples of appropriate bugs: Install Wizard does not allow me to select installation directory; Crash during Installation; Error message on install completion or cancel; Installer script in mail.xpi is defective.

Location Bar

This is the type-in history for the Location bar in the browser window. This includes behavior of the autocomplete widget for URIs, as well as the storage and expiration of the entries. Examples of appropriate bugs: URIs incorrectly added to the drop down list, crashes, hangs, slowness when using this feature.

MailNews: Account Configuration

Account Manager/Wizard, Preferences panels, etc. Problems with setting up mail and news accounts in SeaMonkey Mail & Newsgroups or with its preference panels. A few examples: 1. User interface and functionality problems with the Account Manager and/or Account Wizard. 2. Managing multiple accounts such as deleting different accounts or adding them. 3. Wrong wording in mail preference panel.

MailNews: Address Book & Contacts

Problems with using the Address Book such as creating new cards, manipulating the data from the Address Book. Problems with VCard support and Address Book sidebar should also be reported in this component. A few examples: 1. User interface and functionality problems with the Address Book. 2. Trying to use the import tool such as importing or exporting address book cards. Most of the Address Book is shared code and bugs not specific to SeaMonkey should be filed in the 'Core' product instead!

MailNews: Backend

SeaMonkey UI and connectivity to mail/news backends not caught by other components. This includes transmission (receiving, sending, receipts), offline, (junk) filters, storage bugs, etc. Problems with the backend itself should NOT go into that component, but in the mail/news backend components of the "Core" product!

MailNews: Composition

Issues with the SeaMonkey mail/news compose window should go in here.

MailNews: General

All SeaMonkey-specific MailNews bugs that are not covered by one of the other SeaMonkey MailNews components. PLEASE NOTE!! Try to find a component which is specific to your bug first - BEFORE assigning to this component!

MailNews: Message Display

Problems with displaying of messages, including main mail window, standalone message window, sidebar contents, toolbars, dialogs, new mail notification, message search, news subscription window, drag'n'drop, etc. A few examples: 1. User interface and functionality problems within the 3-pane mail window and the standalone message window.

OS Integration

Areas where SeaMonkey integrates with the host desktop environment. Please use the "Themes" component for any Theme-related issues. Please use the "Core" product for other OS integration problems.

Page Info

For issues with the Page Info window.

Passwords & Permissions

Only problems with the UI for Password Manager, PopUp/Image blocking, Cookies and Wallet should go into this component. Backend code for most of those is shared, you should use the "Core" product for bugs regarding those backends.


Preference Panels; default preferences; etc. For bugs that affect the Preferences window's user interface generally like "no scrollbar in category pane" use this component. Do not use this component for bugs in the content of specific preferences panes like "typo in Navigator pref pane" or "radio buttons on Composer pref pane appear uninitialized". Instead, file these sorts of bugs directly to the relevant component: use "Composer" in the last example.

Project Organization

This covers reports in the areas of Project and Release Management, Community/User Relations, Marketing/Press/PR and web pages within the SeaMonkey project. If you're not sure if what you want to report is specifically about the SeaMonkey project, you should probably consider to use the "" or "website" products for reporting your problem.

Release Engineering

For bugs related to all aspects of the Build and Release Engineering process of the SeaMonkey project, including Build/Release Automation, nightly build machines, and buildbots.


For app-level security bugs. If the problem relates to underlying components (PSM, NSS, Core) then please file it in the appropriate product instead of here.

Session Restore

For bugs in the SeaMonkey session restore functionality.

Startup & Profiles

Problems using the Profile Manager user interface, profile access code or other problems happening during suite startup (before normal application windows is shown).

Sync UI

For bugs in the SeaMonkey Sync UI functionality, including Sync setup, preferences, notifications, toolbar button and menu entries as well as Tabs From Other Computers.

Tabbed Browser

problems in the browser tab features or problems with the widget itself.

Testing Infrastructure

Bugs relating to the testing infrastructure that is specific to the SeaMonkey code.


Issues with SeaMonkey's built in themes, including Classic and Modern.

UI Design

Achieving consistency throughout the product both internally and externally. Make sure it doesn't fit into another, more applicable component before you file it here.

Web Compatibility

Problems with websites not working or misbehaving using SeaMonkey.


For issues with the SeaMonkey Website(s).