Toolkit Graveyard

Old, retired Toolkit components

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

Build Config

For bugs in Toolkit build and config

Data Collection/Metrics

Framework for collecting usage data and uploading it for analysis

Error Console

The Error Console displays errors, warnings and messages from various components including but not limited to JavaScript, DOM, XML, and CSS. This component is for problems with the Console itself and not for browser or web page problems that are noted in the console.


Microformats API for toolkit-based applications

Notifications and Alerts

Popup/doorhanger notifications, notification bars, alerts, and prompts.


For bugs in Mozilla's JavaScript OS.File module. This does not cover the DOM File API. If you are filing a bug related to file I/O but you are not sure whether the underlying module is OS.File, please use component Networking: File

Plugin Finder Service

For bugs in the Plugin Finder Service, which searches for missing plugins and installs them.


For toolkit security bugs.

If the problem relates to underlying components (PSM, NSS, Core), or a specific product built upon toolkit and not this layer then please file it in the appropriate product instead of here.


bugs and issues for XULRunner