Tree Management Graveyard

Old, retired Tree Management components

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OrangeFactor is a tool for measuring the intermittent failure rates of continuous integration build and test jobs.


For issues with TinderboxPushlog (TBPL), a web app that correlates checkins with their test results. /

Treeherder: Client Libraries

Bugs regarding the client libraries used to retrieve and submit information to Treeherder.

Treeherder: SETA

Bugs related to the automatic prioritization and selection of which test jobs are scheduled (more info).

Treeherder: Test-based View

Bugs regarding the alternate push view that summarises job results by the test name/group rather than by job.

Visibility Requests

Job visibility is no longer controlled within Treeherder, see:

Web Tools

For CI Monitoring and Reporting requests, including but not limited to new dashboards, modifications to existing dashboards, and integrations of new data sources.