Old, retired components
Select a component to see open bugs in that component:
Bugs and feature requests for the site.
Bugs and feature requests concerning add-on validation.
Tools and pages for administrators and editors.
For changing access rights, managing accounts and other site administrative issues that don't fit elsewhere.
API API and related items.
Coding standards and organization, minor notices/warnings/errors, refactoring.
Issues relating to collections
Issues relating to the Add-on Collector
For bugs and features of add-on compatibility tools, like the Add-on Compatibility Reporter extension, Compatibility Report Viewer, and Compatibility Dashboard. Bugs for specific add-ons should go in Firefox :: Extension Compatibility.
For issues with the Developer Hub or Developer Tools areas of
Regarding dictionaries hosted on and the dictionaries page
Issues with the content of the Discovery Pane or "Get Add-ons" pane of the tab-based Firefox Add-ons Manager
Bugs and enhancement requests for Rock Your Firefox, the Facebook application
Issues with the AMO Forums localization tracking and Localizer Control Panel issues
For problems or changes to regularly scheduled maintenance scripts that update and clean data.
For problems with or changes to Plugin listings, the Plugin Finder Service, or anything relating to Plugins on Plugins are third-party binaries like Flash, Quicktime, Java, etc.
Problems or questions about policies. Also for reporting obvious violations of Mozilla or policies related to an add-on or group of add-ons.
For problems with the user-facing portion of (not the Developers area).
For issues related to the AMO search engine including relevancy.
Problems or changes for Search Plugins hosted on, or their public-facing web pages. Search Plugins are .scr files that let users add customer search engines to their search bar (upper right).
Problems and enhancements concerning the developers' Statistics Dashboard or related scripts.