bugzilla.mozilla.org Graveyard

For issues relating to the bugzilla.mozilla.org website, also known as BMO.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component:

Bugzilla Anthropology Metrics

Visualizing the wealth of information inside bugzilla.mozilla.org, with an objective to revealing actionable metrics (more info).

Bugzilla Change Notification System

Bugs relating to the "Bugzilla Change Notification System" (ZPushNotify extension, bugzfeed WebSocket server, Pulse messages, etc) (more info).

Bugzilla Tweaks

Issues relating to the Bugzilla Tweaks Firefox Add-on

Extensions: InlineHistory

Inline history extension for Bugzilla.

Extensions: MozProjectReview

For bugs related to the Mozilla Project Review bug entry form extension.

Extensions: MozReview Integration

For bugs related to Review Board integration.

Extensions: Persona

Bugs against the Persona (BrowserID) extension.

Extensions: ProductDashboard

Bugs with the "Product Dashboard".

Extensions: Selectica

Bugs related to the Selectica extension

Extensions: TryAutoLand

Bugs against the TryAutoLand extension.

Sandstone/Mozilla Skin

Issues related to the Mozilla theme otherwise called 'Sandstone'.