For issues relating to the bugzilla.mozilla.org website, also known as BMO.
Select a component to see open bugs in that component:
File bugs here to request Keywords, Products, Components, Flags, Versions, OSes, hardware choices, etc be added or edited in mozilla.org's installation of Bugzilla. More info: Requesting Changes
Issues relating to integrating bugzilla.mozilla.org with external systems (WebServices, Pulse, etc). More info: Bugzilla:REST_API wiki pages.
For issues relating to the default bug creation (enter_bug) and editing (show_bug) experiences.
Visualizing the wealth of information inside bugzilla.mozilla.org, with an objective to revealing actionable metrics (more info).
Bugs relating to the "Bugzilla Change Notification System" (ZPushNotify extension, bugzfeed WebSocket server, Pulse messages, etc) (more info).
Issues relating to the Bugzilla Tweaks Firefox Add-on
Requests for changes to large numbers of bugs without sending bugmail. Please include a link to the query or buglist if possible in your request.
Bugs about BMO's test scripts and CI integration (t/*, qa/*, .circle/config, etc)
Bugs related to the custom bug entry forms already existing in bugzilla.mozilla.org. Please note, we will no longer be creating new custom forms and instead will provide a framework for users to create their own easily. See admin for details.
For bugs related to the BMO Developer Docker image and build scripts (more info).
The BMO documentation, mostly anything in the docs/ directory and possibly some of the built-in help pages such as quick search.
Requests for EDITBUGS
For issues relating to the generation and content of all email notification sent by BMO.
Bugs relating to the AntiSpam Bugzilla extension.
Bugs related to the BMO extension.
Bugs related to the BugmailFilter extension, which provides granular filtering of bugzilla emails.
Bugs related to the BMO extension which provides a BzAPI compatible endpoint on top of Bugzilla's native REST web services.
bugzilla.mozilla.org's Component Watching extension.
Bugs relating to the EditComments extension
Bugs against the Flag Type Comment extension.
GitHubAuth extension
Guided Bug Entry Extension
Inline history extension for Bugzilla.
For bugs related to the Mozilla Project Review bug entry form extension.
For bugs related to Review Board integration.
Bugs with "My Dashboard".
Bugs related to the Needinfo extension
Bugs related to the OrangeFactor extension.
Other bugzilla.mozilla.org specific extensions.
Bugs against the Persona (BrowserID) extension.
Bugs against the PhabBugz extension.
Issues related to the autocomplete form displaying matched products and components.
Bugs with the "Product Dashboard".
For bugs relating to the Push extension (Pulse, ServiceNow, ElasticSearch integration)
bugzilla.mozilla.org's REMO (Mozilla Reps) extension.
Bugs against the Request Nagging extension.
Bugs related to the RestrictComments extension
Bugs related to the Review extension (review suggestions, etc).
Bugs against the SecureMail extension.
Bugs related to the Selectica extension
Splinter code review extension.
Bugs against the TrackingFlags extension.
Bugs against the TryAutoLand extension.
Bugs against the UserProfile extension (/user_profile).
This is the component for issues specific to bugzilla.mozilla.org that do not belong in other components.
Bugs that relate to moving bugs, components and so on to the graveyard
Bugs specifically pertaining to operational issues on bugzilla.mozilla.org (BMO).
Bugs relating to the 'readable bug statuses' (https://www.npmjs.com/package/bugzilla-readable-status).
Issues related to the Mozilla theme otherwise called 'Sandstone'.
For issues relating to BMO's searching pages and results.
Issues relating to the user interface customizations made for bugzilla.mozilla.org.
For bugs/enhancements to the new show_bug user interface.