The administration of the Mozilla Project and its servers (Website content bugs will belong in the product)
Select a component to see open bugs in that component:
Requests for assistance from Community Giving.
Various CVS administration requests should be filed here.
requests to copy files in CVS
Any issues having to do with adding/removing/renaming newsgroups or the setup of the hierarchy. Issues with server problems should continue to go in the Server Operations component.
For problems or configuration errors with the FTP mirrors in the and round-robin DNS pools. This is not for problems with content of the servers, only configuration and mirroring issues.
This component is for problems with, including content which is distributed to the and mirrors. Problems with content generated by automatic build processes should be filed in the Release Engineering component.
Requests for administrative changes to the Mozilla organization on Github, such as ACLs, repository creation or deletion, etc. For other "organizations" on Github, or repositories not under the Mozilla umbrella, please contact the respective owner.
Issues that relate to the values that are shared between many participants in the Mozilla Project, such as accountability, cooperation, creativity, effort, fairness, fun, humour, integrity, learning, etc.
Requests for administrative changes to the company Heroku account, such as account creation, dns modification, or team changes.
Issues related to the copyright licensing of code
Issues related to the localization server, including account requests.
Uncategorized things to do for Mozilla, the Mozilla Foundation,, etc.

For miscellaneous issues related to, see the "" product. For issues with the Web sites, see the "Websites" and the "" products.

A cross-Mozilla research project investigating how to put the power of the web in more hands, in more places— particularly emerging digital economies. (more info).
The simplified installer for building Mozilla applications on Windows.
Bugs related to Project Review
The license checking and relicensing tool
File a bug here to request write access to a repository, or to upgrade an existing access level. Before you file a bug, read our Guide to Becoming a Mozilla Committer.
For projects or tasks lead by the Security Assurance team. Note: specific security bugs should filed within the product:component for the software and not here.
For Application Security related projects (file specific security vulnerabilities in the product:component for that software)
For Firefox OS related Security Reviews.
For any security review requests.
Old bugs having to do with our Community infrastructure. File new bugs into Infrastructure & Operations :: Community IT.
for problems related to Talkback-Public, the interface for viewing/searching the public portion of talkback crash reports.
For requesting testcases be added to the Test Tracker tool.
All Mozilla video and video-related projects.
Requests for new projects or unplanned webdev work.