For bugs and requests related to management of SUMO, sometimes known as

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Standalone apps to provide support content to users.

Army of Awesome

Issues related to Army of Awesome.


BuddyUp is a FxOS application allowing users to get support or provide support on questions related to their FxOS phones.

Code Quality

Coding standards and organization, minor notices/warnings/errors, refactoring.


Issues related to discussion forums.


Issues affecting the whole site. If you don't know where to file a bug, please file it here.

Knowledge Base Articles

Issues and requests related to knowledge base articles should be submitted to Knowledge base articles

Knowledge Base Content

All content of the site, including Knowledge Base articles and strings in the user interface.

Knowledge Base Software

Issues and requests related to the knowledge base software.

Lithium Migration

Issues and requests related to the migration from Kitsune to Lithium.


Issues and requests related to the multiple language support on the website


Issues related to mobile device support.


Issues relating to Support Questions.

Users and Groups

Issues related to users, including registration and login, and groups.