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I simply find it APPALLING that this is a FIVE YEAR old bug, which effects users PRIVACY, and there is about as much momentum towards fixing it as I would expect to find in a Government Run Bureaucracy. 

I read your stupid "Bugettiquete"  conditions, so I will refrain from commenting on the person assigned to this Bug. I will instead speak more generally, and anywhere, any institution, that has employees who treat their job as "ehhhh..... I'll get to it in another year or two when I feel like it...." should NOT be kept as employees.  Looking at this bug, this has been the attitude for HALF A DECADE.   I seriously suggest that someone in BUGZILLA, review their employees work. And if your attitude to this is "dont' make me the manager do any work", the congrats to you, THIS attitude is why people are adopting CHROME by the truck-load.  

Do you know what a simple fix would be? Not letting bugs continue to exist for half a decade. What a radical concept. Imagine if this was the case, Firefox might not need to survive off huge cash injections from Alphabet.Inc who pay to make Google the default browser. 

This is all valid and fair critique, which in your Bugettiquete you say you value. I guess we will see how much you actually value it. And that whole line about "open source does not mean we work for you" BS is a crock. Yeah, open source. Open source. My entire point is that this level of arrogance is what Google Chrome has, and yet they could at least lay fair claim to such arrogance as they make a product that works and assign resources to fix BUGS.

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