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To give a summary:

- 5 years ago:          RAISED.

- 2 years ago:           "This is on my list, but I need to finish other tasks before I can get to this."

- 11 months ago:     "Any updates?"

- 5 months ago:      " The severity field for this bug is relatively low, S3. However, the bug has 13 votes.
-                                [--redacted ASSIGNEE name--] could you consider increasing the bug severity?

Following this there is no correspondence. Not even a comment answering the person who asked five months ago. 

I am not criticizing individuals here, but SOMEONE, perhaps the person who triaged this, needs to RE-assign it to someone who is either more capable or more willing to do the task ASSIGNED to them. 

I see 107 NEW assigned cases to a particular person, with 55 of them last updated / touched in 2022.

So, from a perspective of a Company, rather than a critique on the individual, Mozilla is Assigning cases to people who are not able to keep up with the demand.  In this one example, over HALF of the New cases were last updated in the previous year. And this one example, despite a request for feedback FIVE MONTHS ago has had no correspondence, and it is a FIVE YEAR old case. 

Mozilla needs to update their assigning practices. Again, this is not a critique on an individual. This is a company and management practice issue. And as a hiring manager with over three decades of experience of managing PEOPLE, before I went into consulting,  I can tell you that I would not accept help for FREE under these sort of time frames. 

Institutionally, you need better management practices. At a bare minimum, assigning tasks to (even if they are volunteers) people who are either capable or WILLING to apply themselves to an assigned task. And then having proper management practices and review periods to ensure progression of tasks. 

If Mozilla learned how to do this then they could become so efficient that they could compete with FOR PROFITS, rather than (likely) just lining the pockets of the 401C owners/families pockets. Which would include a dedicated Developer Bug team. I know that you could do it, you certainly hire and staff an effective advertising/office/PR staff for many of your "exciting" new ventures (which after creating alot of 'buzz'. inevitably end up as flops most of the time).

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