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I was doing some analysis on this and then experienced some crashes and session history and didn't finish, but the situation appeared to be this:

- RemoteWorkerParent and SharedWorkerParent are both PBackground managed and their shutdown sequence is [RemoteWorkerParent, SharedWorkerParent].  The OnChannelError() logic DestroySubtree() followed by DeallocSubtree() which means that _if the RemoteWorkerParent was allocated in the same process as the content page that created a new SharedWorker_, we expect RemoteWorkerParent to have had its ActorDestroyMethod
(Whoops.  I had an in-progress analysis that didn't get submitted to this bug and instead was aggregated into my review comments.  Bugzilla's localStorage caching restored the in-progress comment and I accidentally submitted it.  Editing the comment here to provide this explanation and then I'll mark it obsolete or what not.)

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