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The following results are present after regression window with Sony Xperia Z5 (Android 7.0)
- last good build: 2019-04-09;  changeset: 9eb55c9bf557d9b683d4808620e26da6e242c4b0
- first bad build: 2019-04-09;  changeset: 6efaae3bcd67bc0881a114c5c7dbd319e6b4abc2

Pushlog: https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/pushloghtml?fromchange=9eb55c9bf557d9b683d4808620e26da6e242c4b0&tochange=6efaae3bcd67bc0881a114c5c7dbd319e6b4abc2

I think this issue was introduced with the patches from 1516056 @Botond Ballo, can you please take a look?
With respect,
Diana Rus

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