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Firefox menu and extension menu not displaying properly with some options hidden and requiring scrolling to access singhsukhwant735 (Attachment) Fraction Scale 125% and Youtube Video Full Screen.png
Twitch: Buffering ring still going even when the stream is working fine theraptor01 Edit: it actually occurs more often with the newest Nightly versions. I tried r...
When I load multiple tabs from the same website at the same time, the requests don't finish. s.haslhofer You can see the unfinished reuqest attached.
Goodguys Australia site continually loops on login page Tony Davis FYI: The dev share URL ends in 3S5HC9S for the profile, please let me know if yo...
Click WhatsApp app to open Adetona Samuel (In reply to Adetona Samuel from comment #0) > User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; A...
Page goes blank when openning a scorm in review mode adrien.juillerat On Articulate's support website I had a reply from Andrew Smith that could help,...
Unable to log into my Synology NAS' admin-interface when NAS' clock is wrong/unsynched Stig Nygaard Btw, I'm running the older DSM 6.2 OS on my NAS, because type of LMS build I am ...
Geolocation request notification popup is unhidable Igor Geolocation request notification overlaps url bar autocomplete
Quote characters do not update when lang attribute changes mark.j.fisher (Attachment) lang_quotes_compressed.mp4
ASan build crashes with AddressSanitizer:DEADLYSIGNAL on start wirch.eduard The next asan build did not crash any more. I made a copy of the failing build a...
Email a Link Not Working (In reply to Monica Chiorean from comment #4) > I could not reproduce the issue ...
AI calendar detection and integration Chris Lee (In reply to Andre Klapper from comment #3) > > allow me to see events from my c...
firefox verification code sergonomik Do you distinguish the number one from the number two?
Include Firefox Minor Version in User-Agent String [:Tommy N] So, am I to understand this is an intentional design decision? The minor versio...
Google search page hang/slowdown crashes Firefox on shutdown (the first run) Bagas Sanjaya (In reply to Negritas Sergiu, Desktop QA from comment #3) > Hello! thank you for...
English (GB) language setting is not being respected in v.119.0.1 Peter Parsons That video shows a bisection wizard which is not available to me when I start th...
Some pages fail to load properly after upgrade to 115 ESR MrSoapsud Hi Adrian, Thanks for pursuing this. I've just tried 115.2.1 on a different mach...
When posting to Facebook or Quora from respective apps on iOS, we see OBJ in those posts on Firefox desktop. Tolga (In reply to Tolga from comment #2) >
After updating to v 115.2.0 for Mac and disabling hardware acceleration, weekly sale flyers from supermaket sites do not load even when extensions are disabled Jonathan I would also like to mention that this update has slowed down site log ins treme...

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