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Prevent shell.html to be the toplevel document in the mulet, instead, set it as homepage


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I think the title is quite explicit.
By default, when we build the mulet with bug 961745's patch,
as we pull b2g/app/b2g.js after browser prefs, the toolkit.defaultChromeURI end up being shell.html.
We would like to keep browser.xul in Mulet. And instead, it would be handy to automatically open shell.html as browser homepage.
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The build system patch introducing MOZ_MULET is about to land,
so we are good to move forward on this patch.

I fixed the defaultChromeURI issue and also pulled some pref we used to have in gaia/Firefox nightly mode, in order to open gaia by default in a tab, with the devtools and tweaks some sessionstore pref to help ensure having gaia on next firefox launches.

Now I'm wondering if we should spawn a dedicated pref.js file just for the mulet?
I imagine there is multiple ways to do that.
  #ifdef MOZ_MULET
  #include mulet.js
Or in the build system, where we pull b2g.js, we could pull mulet.js:
   ifdef MOZ_MULET
   PREF_JS_EXPORTS += $(topsrcdir)/b2g/app/b2g.js
+  PREF_JS_EXPORTS += $(topsrcdir)/b2g/dev/mulet.js (or b2g/app/mulet.js)
(Note that I would like to pull that code out of browser/, hopefully we can do something from b2g/dev/ build scripts...)
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Finally, I end up setting shell.html as a homepage in bug 1000122.
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