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nsHTMLEditor.cpp cleanup


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::: editor/libeditor/html/nsHTMLEditor.cpp
@@ +832,5 @@
> +
> +  nsCOMPtr<nsINode> p = aNode->GetParentNode();
> +
> +  while (p) {
> +    if (p->IsElement() && NodeIsBlockStatic(p->AsElement())) {

You could just write this as:

   if (IsBlockNode(p))
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A missing null check in the patch triggered a crash, happily caught by one of our crashtests.  I have to be careful about converting do_QI to AsDOMNode -- this has caught me before.

(In reply to :Ehsan Akhgari (lagging on bugmail, needinfo? me!) from comment #2)
> You could just write this as:
>    if (IsBlockNode(p))

No, because the method is static.
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interdiff to fix crash

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Oh-uh!  Sorry for not catching this!
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It seems this was backed out, for a new assert failure that didn't show up on my try run (but which I can now reproduce locally):
So it looks like I changed the behavior of GetBlockNodeParent().  If no block ancestor was found, previously it would just return the highest parent (typically the document).  It would set tmp to the parent of p, find that tmp was null, and break, which meant it returned p.  I think this was just a bug.  This caused one caller to break.  This patch fixes that caller, but I didn't audit all other callers.  Would you like this patch, or should I restore the old probably-unintended behavior of GetBlockNodeParent()?
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Further patch to fix test failure

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Let's fix all of the callers.  The following seem to be similarly affected: and line 1275 and line 2391 and line 2692 and line 7934
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Further patch v2

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You missed <> and <>, please fix them similarly.
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