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[B2G] 'click' events are not triggered if there is an existing touch on-screen


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If a finger is held down anywhere on-screen, a second finger cannot be used to trigger 'click' events on any other elements.
This affects to all gaia apps. I would expect click events to be delivered on two finger taps. There are two scenarios:

1. Double finger tap when one finger is over an element with onClick callback attached and the second finger is over an element with no onClick listener. The element with the onClick should get the click event.
2. Double finger tap when both fingers are on elements with onClick listeners attached. Gecko should resolve the conflict and deliver the click event to one and only one of the elements.

iOS and Android handle these scenarios gracefully. I recorded a couple of videos illustrating the issue in the camera and clock apps (attached to this bug)
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It's very important to have this fixed. Hema can you escalate this to someone on the gecko side?
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Fabrice, Hema is OoO at the moment--do you know who can help out with this?
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I attached videos showing how android and ios behave in the same situation.
Attached video settingsIOS.3gp
two finger tap on iOS
Attached video settingsAndroid.MOV
two finger tap in gaia
Attached video settingsGaia.MOV
two finger tap on settings ffos
Can someone get a reduced test case here to demonstrate the bug? We can do a regression window if we have that.
I'm not sure if this is a regression. It's the way that gecko behaves that it's not well optimized for touch screens. Below two test cases. The videos also illustrate well the problem and the behavior of android and iOS for the same scenario

Test case 1:

1. Open clock app.
2. With two fingers and tapping simultaneously. One finger taps one of the tabs on the bottom and the other one taps anywhere on the screen.

Expected result: The tab gets the click event and the app transitions to a different section
Actual Result: The tab button doesn't get the click event.

Test case 2:

1. Open the settings app.
2. Tap simultaneously with two fingers in two different options of the settings list.

Expected result: I would expect the conflict to be resolved and one of the options to be triggered by the tap
Actual result: Nothing happens. There's no option triggered by any tap.
Ok - let me double check just to be sure.

QA Wanted to see if we can reproduce the test cases on comment 11 on 1.3.
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(In reply to Mike Habicher [:mikeh] from comment #5)
> Fabrice, Hema is OoO at the moment--do you know who can help out with this?

Olly, can you check this?
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So this stuff is underspecified in touch events spec.

Do we have the same behavior on Android?
Also, we explicitly don't dispatch legacy mouse events if any of the touch event listeners for
touchstart or first touchmove called preventDefault(). Is that perhaps happening here?
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So, testcase needed.
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*minimal* testcase, please
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Test case:
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(when I say minimal testcase, I mean a minimal html page attached to the bug ;) )
Copy/paste testcase from into single .html file.
Ok - now we've got a testcase. Let's check to see if that testcase reproduces on 1.3.
Keywords: testcase-wanted
(In reply to Olli Pettay [:smaug] from comment #14)
> So this stuff is underspecified in touch events spec.
> Do we have the same behavior on Android?

Yes, I can reproduce this bug in Firefox for Android using attachment 8412722 [details].  Chrome and Opera Mobile on Android also seem to behave the same.
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Camera branch demonstrating how use of FastClick.js (instead of regular `click` events) eliminates the issue of having multiple touches on-screen.
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I want to investigate what desktop browsers/OSs do in this scenario, marking this bug as blocking 1244402 so I don't forget.
Blocks: 1244402
On Windows touch two-finger taps don't do anything as far as I can tell. Edge and Chrome both support pinch-zoom with two fingers, and Chrome also interprets a two-finger tap as contextmenu (this is true even if one finger goes down and there is a delay before the second finger taps).

Firefox for desktop basically matches Edge/Windows here, so I'll remove this dependency as I don't think anything needs to change there. We might still want to change the behaviour on Android.
No longer blocks: 1244402
Priority: P1 → P3
Closing as we are not working on Firefox OS anymore.
Closed: 6 years ago
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