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Functions for memory mapping files should use existing page size information


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Suggested in bug 988486 comment 9.  AllocateMappedContent() and DeallocateMappedContent() re-fetch the system page size, but we have this information already available.

The knock on effect is that we will need to take a JSRuntime* parameter in some API functions that call into these.
I previously factored this functionality out into its own class, but thinking about it some more, I don't think that was the best thing to do.

The state here (page size etc) depends only on the host OS and will always be the same for any instance of the class.  So I think it makes more sense to have it as global variables.  That means that we can implement this as just a set of functions that don't need any context to call them, which simpilifies things somewhat.
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Now we can just use the existing page size information here.
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1 - Refactor page allocation functionality

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Good stuff
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