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implement nsIParentalControlsService on the Mac


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The MacOS has Parental Controls.  We should implement nsIParentalControlsService.  
(If we did, networking can send the https prefer safe header)

Stubbed out here:

It looks like there isn't a simple API for knowing if an account is 'managed'.  But if you look in `dscl . readall /users`, you can see associated mxc data.  Maybe that is how you go about determining account type.
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I need to test if this compiles on linux.
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patch v.1

This looks fine to me.

But there's one small cause for concern:

+  mEnabled = CFPreferencesAppValueIsForced(CFSTR("restrictWeb"),
+             CFSTR(""));

After what I admit is only a quick web search, I can't find any doc or code sample that explains/uses the second parameter.  It does sound reasonable.  And you tell me (on IRC) that it's an instance of a "preference domain", and I did find the following quote:

CoreFoundation.CFPreferencesAppValueIsForced(keyName, preferenceDomain)

It'd be nice to have a detailed explanation of why this works, and what the alternatives are (if any).  But Apple's docs are notoriously incomplete.  And our main concern is that we have something that "works" -- which I assume this does :-)
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MacOS has no parental control apis.  All of this is handled via managed preferences (as near as I can tell).  Child (or restricted accounts) have certain preferences that are applied to their account which they can not change.  If you run the follow command, you can see all of the preferences that are active on our account:

dscl . readall /users

If you create a child account, you'll see these settings in the XML named 'MCXSettings':

879 MCXSettings:
 880  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 881 <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
 882 <plist version="1.0">
 883 <dict>
 884         <key>mcx_application_data</key>
 885         <dict>
 886                 <key></key>
 887                 <dict>
 888                         <key>Forced</key>
 889                         <array>
 890                                 <dict>
 891                                         <key>mcx_data_timestamp</key>
 892                                         <date>2014-05-05T17:19:55Z</date>
 893                                         <key>mcx_preference_settings</key>
 894                                         <dict>
 895                                                 <key>parentalControl</key>
 896                                                 <true/>
 897                                         </dict>
 898                                 </dict>
 899                         </array>
 900                 </dict>
 901                 <key></key>
 902                 <dict>
 903                         <key>Forced</key>
 904                         <array>
 905                                 <dict>
 906                                         <key>mcx_data_timestamp</key>
 907                                         <date>2014-05-05T17:19:55Z</date>
 908                                         <key>mcx_preference_settings</key>
 909                                         <dict>
 910                                                 <key>restrictWeb</key>
 911                                                 <true/>
 912                                                 <key>useContentFilter</key>
 913                                                 <true/>
 914                                         </dict>
 915                                 </dict>
 916                         </array>
 917                 </dict>

You can check for the existence of these preferences by searching for the corresponding domain.  In our case, "".

It doesn't appear that there is any better way.
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smichaud reviewed the mac bits.

This file are some rote changes to make a Default and a Mac implementation.  Ted can you review the build changes?
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Review of attachment 8418579 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: toolkit/components/parentalcontrols/
@@ +10,5 @@
>  XPIDL_MODULE = 'parentalcontrols'
> +    if CONFIG['MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT'] == 'windows':

Any reason you switched this from OS_ARCH to MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT? (Probably doesn't matter all that much in reality.)
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> Any reason you switched this from OS_ARCH to MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT? (Probably doesn't matter all that much in reality.)

Just to be consistent -- i wanted it to be testing the same thing in each of the if stmts
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I landed a tiny follow-up, 'cos I reckon you wanted a WindowContext, not a CocoadowContext. (Spotted in Bug 1042715.)
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