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[NFC] NfcManager handleTechnologyDiscovered tests


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2.0 S5 (4july)
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As handledTechnologyDiscovered method deals with main NFC functionalities we need to provide tests for it before starting to work on any refactoring in other bugs.
I would like to work on this.
Blocks: b2g-NFC-2.0
Assignee: nobody → kmioduszewski
I've requested editbugs permission for Krzysztof, it should be working now.
Please let me know if you still cannot take the bug.
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Depends on: 1016377
Depends on: 1017572
Depends on: 1018308
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There is no obvious errors and it helps to improve our tests. Unfortunately it conflicts with the current master, so please solve them than I can set the r+. Thanks!
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When I was uploading the patch the latests changes in gaia were not present. Rebased and resolved conflicts. Travis is green now. Can you take a look once more?
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Blocks: 1027568
Blocks: 1017111
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When I come back it conflict again, which may be caused by some LockScreen patchs that reverted recently. I think once you resolve it we can merge it as soon as possible, thanks.

r+ according to the previous patch, which keeps the major content during the conflict resolving.
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Yes, it was conflicted with the LockScreen revert. I solved the conflicts and pushed the updated version to github. Once Gaia-Try is ok can I add checkin-needed? Or do I have to wait for travis also? It seems that all travis builds are failing right now.
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It bothers me as well. However one of my colleague told me that he encountered the similar case once and the patch had been landed according to the TBPL result. So I think it's OK to land your patch.
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