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http2 enforce ephemeral cipher suite requirement


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Implementations MUST negotiate - and therefore use - ephemeral cipher
   suites, such as ephemeral Diffie-Hellman (DHE) or the elliptic curve
   variant (ECDHE) with a minimum size of 2048 bits (DHE) or security
   level of 128 bits (ECDHE).
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does this do the trick nick?
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to document an earlier call with mt and ekr aiui ecdhe security level of 128 bits requires KEAKeyBits >=256 here.
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Works fine when I test locally with a real cert against nghttp2, however, it causes the xpcshell test to fail locally. This is because node doesn't negotiate a good TLS profile. I spent some (way too much, actually) time when we were in Paris (I think) trying to get node to negotiate a sane TLS profile, but either the node documentation lies, or I'm dumber than I thought, because I couldn't for the life of me get it to negotiate anything even remotely approximating sane (nothing better than TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA). So we have 2 options - (1) try to fix node, or (2) make the xpcshell test not confirm the tls profile. I'm in favor of option (2), but that could just be me being lazy.
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OK, here's the patch that builds on top of yours that makes the checks work (and disables the checks in the unit test until we can figure out how to make node's TLS negotiation not suck). FWIW, I also did a quick test w/twitter, and this works with a Real Site, not just my junky local test site.
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My only concern is that channelInfo.keaKeyBits is a uint32_t, and we're storing that value in a int16_t. Other than that, r=me.

::: security/manager/ssl/src/nsNSSCallbacks.cpp
@@ +903,5 @@
> +      status->mKeyLength = cipherInfo.symKeyBits;
> +      status->mSecretKeyLength = cipherInfo.effectiveKeyBits;
> +      status->mCipherName.Assign(cipherInfo.cipherSuiteName);
> +      infoObject->SetKEAUsed(cipherInfo.keaType);
> +      infoObject->SetKEAKeyBits(channelInfo.keaKeyBits);

We should range-check channelInfo.keaKeyBits, because I think we have a uint32_t being stored in a int16_t here.
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david - good point. never know when we'll get our first billion bit key :)

rather than bounds check it and add a new limit, I just changed the attribute to also be u32.
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::: netwerk/protocol/http/Http2Session.cpp
@@ +2855,2 @@
> +  uint16_t keybits = ssl->GetKEAKeyBits();

patch 0001 is going to change to make this a u32.. so this will bitrot.
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Here's an un-bitrotted version of the patch, for sanity.
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7 lines context please

::: security/manager/ssl/src/nsNSSCallbacks.cpp
@@ +896,5 @@
> +      RefPtr<nsSSLStatus> status(infoObject->SSLStatus());
> +      if (!status) {
> +        status = new nsSSLStatus();
> +        infoObject->SetSSLStatus(status);
> +      }

EnsureSSLStatus would be so nice...
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part 1

will leave open for nick to land the other half.. not sure if he's ready.
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And here's part 2!

Keywords: leave-open
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