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Can't seem to download mail or news



MailNews Core
16 years ago
9 years ago


(Reporter: Chris Waltham, Assigned: Scott MacGregor)


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16 years ago
Hi guys,

I'm using Debian (sid) with E, Gnome and X. I'm using the Mozilla packages that
came out of Debian, and I'm having a bit of trouble using the MailNews client. 

The versions I've got installed are:

ii  mozilla        0.9.4-2        Mozilla Web Browser - dummy package
ii  mozilla-browse 0.9.4-2        Mozilla Web Browser - core and browser
ii  mozilla-mailne 0.9.4-2        Mozilla Web Browser -  mail and news support
ii  xfree86-common 4.1.0-6        X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
ii  xserver-xfree8 4.1.0-6        the XFree86 X server
ii  gnome-admin    1.0.3-6        Gnome Admin Utilities (gulp)
ii  gnome-applets      Various applets for GNOME panel
ii  gnome-audio    1.4.0-3        Audio files for Gnome
ii  gnome-bin      Miscellaneous binaries used by Gnome
ii  gnome-control-     The Gnome Control Center
ii  gnome-core      Common files for Gnome core apps
ii  gnome-help      GNOME help browser
ii  gnome-libs-dat      Data for Gnome libraries
ii  gnome-media    1.2.3-3.1      Gnome Media Utilities (gmix, gtcd)
ii  gnome-panel      Launch and/or dock Gnome applications
ii  gnome-panel-da      Data files for GNOME panel
ii  gnome-pim      1.4.0-9        Calendar and address book for GNOME.
ii  gnome-session      The Gnome Session Manager
ii  gnome-terminal      The Gnome terminal emulator application
ii  gnome-users-gu 1.4.1-2        GNOME User's Guide
ii  gnome-utils      Gnome Utilities (gtt, gsearchtool, and more)

(along with a bunch of other stuff, let me know if you need more info). If I
load Mozilla without a ~/.mozilla directory, it asks me to create an account
(given the option of a mail account or a news account). Following all of that
(for either account type), I get the MailNews window and the opening HTML page.

Initially, the sidebar isn't displayed, however the "Get Msg" icon on the
toolbar is visible (and not grayed out). When you click it, though, nothing
seems to happen. If I try and display the sidebar it appears, though there's
nothing in the top pane (labelled "Name"). Right-clicking on the empty pane
brings up the menu, and selecting "Get Messages for Account" similarly does

Also, if I start mozilla without a ~/.mozilla directory but with a ~/.netscape
directory, it prompts me to convert my profiles across. Converting them from a
working Netscape profile set appears to work, however, the same problem as above
is exhibited - there's nothing in the sidebar, and there's no feasible way to
download the mail.

The one odd thing I did discover was this - if you create a news account, and
then right-click on the sidebar and choose "subscribe", you are presented with a
list of newsgroups (after they download, of course). However, once you choose a
newsgroup to subscribe to (and tick the box), nothing will happen. None of the
discussion threads are displayed. I've tried going back into the Subscription
window and unsubscribing from the group, closing the window and then
re-subscribing, but that doesn't seem to have any effect either.

I hope this info is of some help! Please, if you need more info then I'm more
than happy to help you guys out - chris@harvestroad.com is my work e-mail
address. If you want me to try Mozilla from a binary ball from mozilla.org (as
I'm currently using the Debian packages), I'll give that a shot.

Thanks guys!

Chris Waltham

Comment 1

16 years ago
Marking these all WORKSFORME sorry about lack of response but were very
overloaded here. Only reopen the bug if you can reproduce with the following steps:

1) Download the latest nightly (or 0.9.6 which should be out RSN)
2) Create a new profile
3) test the bug again

If it still occurs go ahead and reopen the bug. Again sorry about no response
were quite overloaded here and understaffed.
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
really WFM, per ksosez

Comment 3

16 years ago
Verified WFM on Linux 0102-09-trunk build
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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