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Special categorization for out-of-memory crashes


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OOM failures have many different stacks, which doesn't work well with our usual approach of bucketing crashes by signature.

It would be helpful to have a way where OOM failures as a whole could be considered "one signature" for some purposes. Then we could do things like correlate with modules, extensions, look at average virtual memory availability, etc.

An initial set of criteria for OOM crashes might be: anything with an OOMAllocationSize annotation, or with any of these in the signature: NS_ABORT_OOM, mozalloc_handle_oom, CrashAtUnhandlableOOM
There are a couple ways to approach this. Lars was thinking it's an opportunity for a generic classifier. I see an opportunity to implement a second signature generation method to apply to OOM failures specifically.
Detailed specification:

A crash should be treated as an OOM crash in any of the following conditions:
* The OOMAllocationSize annotation is present
* The signature contains NS_ABORT_OOM, mozalloc_handle_oom, CrashAtUnhandlableOOM

If the OOMAllocationSize annotation is present:
    If the value is 256k or smaller (262144):
        The signature should be "OOM | Small"
    If the value is larger than 256k:
        The signature should be "OOM | Large | <C++Signature>"
    The signature should be "OOM | Unknown | <C++Signature>"

The original c++ signature should be available in the processed crash and to supersearch.

In the final outcome, we will be able to:
* Get the rate of all OOM crashes
* look at known-small crashes (engineering action: OOM analysis)
* look at known-large crashes (engineering action: use a fallible allocator)
* look at unknown-size OOM crashes (engineering action: annotate the size)
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Merge pull request #2067 from twobraids/oomsig

Fixes Bug 1007530 - OOM signature manipulations
Closed: 10 years ago
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this will go into Socorro staging today - once it proves itself, it will go into production later this week.
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