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 1. Log into your account at
 2. Tap "Portfolio" at top
 3. Tap your "named goal" dropdown in upper-left, and pick "Add Goal or IRA"
 4. Click "Safety Net" option, and then "Add Goal"


On the resulting page, on the text...
> I want my safety net funded in [3^v] years
...the "3" is pushed out of the input field by the spinner up/down arrows.

I believe the site doesn't actually want any spinners to be there, because they have this style:
> input::-webkit-outer-spin-button,input::-webkit-inner-spin-button{
> 	-webkit-appearance:none;
> 	margin:0
> }

As noted in similar bug 1000400, they presumably want to add
   -moz-appearance: textfield;
alongside that webkit CSS, to get the same effect in Firefox/Gecko.

I have a contact who I've reported bugs to before at Betterment; I'll reach out to them & report back with what I hear.
Summary: "Goal Set up" layout broken → "Goal set up" page's funded-in-X-years input is broken, due to spinners pushing number out of view
I emailed Betterment's support@ email with details about this issue & a link to this bug.

(My last contact there was the support@ person. The last time I reported an issue, about a year ago, they were extremely responsive & helpful, so hopefully we'll have a fix or more information here before long.)
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Keywords: site-compat
I got an email reply from a Betterment support person -- she's forwarded the details on to their developers.
Thanks Daniel. Moving bug to the Desktop Component.
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Depends on: 1006591
No longer depends on: 1006591
I verified that this has now been fixed on the site. The field shown in the screenshot no longer has  up/down-arrows superimposed over the number, and I verified via Style Editor that their stylesheet "b.css" has the suggested style rule in effect:


Thanks, Betterment!
Closed: 6 years ago
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(astevenson, presumably the "[sitewait]" whiteboard status can now be removed? I'll leave that removal to you, in case you know of any followup triage/labeling that needs to be done on such bugs.)
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Hi Daniel. Awesome about the fix. I removed the [sitewait] though I'm not sure if we need to as the bug is resolved. We don't normally modify the whiteboard after closing in the mobile section. :)
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Whiteboard: [sitewait]
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