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create a docker image for ouija so we can do development and deployment easier


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Our process for setting up Ouija is frustrating.  

We should create a docker image (, for Ouija.  It would:
* install git
* clone the repository (git clone
* install mysqldb
* install apache
* install wsgi
* install python
* setup mysqldb with user/password: root/root
* setup apache to host pages (example config:

we would need to get sample data somehow, ideally live data from the real server (either a fresh download, or a point to the live db, or run a script to populate)

better yet would be a simple sanity check that it works (i.e. wget http://localhost/installed.html) and verify we pass some checks.
Assignee: nobody → ananthulasrikar
Hi Srikar,

checking in to see if you have had time to work on this.  If you are stuck or have problems, you can ask any questions in the bug or on IRC.

Looking forward to seeing your great work.
I am filled up with office works :( I need some time to work on this. If some one is ready, please assign this bug to them. I
Thanks for the update srikar.  There is no urgent need for this to be done this week nor is there anyone ready to work on it.  I thought I would check in and see how you were doing.  I will check in a couple weeks.  Feel free to post any updates or questions here :)
Hi Joel,

I started working on this about 3 hrs and I have created the image and pushed to my account, but more checks need to be done and may be we will close today if possible :)
Srikar, this is wonderful news.  The Ouija project has had a series of changes recently with new issues filed.  Your timing is just right :)

Please ask if you need help or have questions.
Hi Joel,

I know its late, but yeah image is created with all the things installed. But I was stuck in last step. Let me know your availability !
Hi Srikar, Joel is away this week. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out. Thanks!
Assignee: ananthulasrikar → nobody
I've built a docker environment for this over in - it uses a git submodule for ouija itself. I have opened a pull request for that. Feedback and testing would be appreciated.
Assignee: nobody → jamon
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