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17 years ago
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17 years ago
Under "Privacy & Security" in the "Tasks" Pulldown menu, there is the very handy
"Cookie Manager," allowing us to quickly delete all Cookies. Adding a "Cache and
History Manager" under "Privacy & Security," allowing us to empty the Cache
folder and delete History contents with similar ease would be nifty.
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Comment 2

17 years ago
UID doesn't really like the current layout there, and i'm not sure that Cache 
is a subset of Privacy/Security, so i'd like UID feedback first.
Assignee: pchen → mpt
Component: XP Apps → User Interface Design
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17 years ago
*** Bug 102443 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Comment 4

17 years ago
From Bug 102443:

"I'm assisting people in moving to mozilla/Ns6.x and they're never able to find
that entry. People go looking for it because their bank tells them to empty the
cache after having done secure transactions."

With this in mind Privacy/Security sounds reasonable

Comment 5

17 years ago
Wontfix. The `Privacy & Security' submenu is one of the nastiest bits of
Mozilla's menu structure -- it needs to be gotten rid of, rather than having
more items added to it. It *is* unnecessarily difficult to clear the cache
currently, but not so much so that it deserves its own menu item. It would be
enough, I think, to get rid of all the category branches in the prefs dialog --
including the `Advanced' branch in which the Cache panel is hidden.

If a particular Web site asks you to clear your cache after using it, you should
complain to the site administrators, because they obviously should be (and
aren't) telling the browser not to cache its pages in the first place.
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Comment 6

17 years ago
As emptying the cache isn't a preference we need a place to put that menu entry.
Privacy is a good place for this, because you probably want to empty your cache
after surfing at a public machine (library, internet cafe). I agree that the
Tasks/Tools menu isn't perfect the way it is, but that doesn't mean that this
bug shouldn't be fixed. 

Comment 7

17 years ago
Thinking about it, it would probably look cleaner if we had one single menu
entry "Privacy & Security Manager" which would open a tabbed window with 
Password Manager, Forms Manager (?), Cookie Manager, Cache & History Manager and
Understanding Privacy as tabs.

Matthew, do you know of any plans about something like that?

Comment 8

17 years ago
verif wontfix. This is somewhat similar to bug 32502 in any case and it 
may be addressed by German's specs there.

Comment 9

17 years ago
Yes, clearing the cache isn't a preference -- but it's the *only* aspect of the 
cache which is not a preference, so it's not worth having separate UI for it, 
and it's highly related to the aspects of the cache which are prefs anyway. The 
Forms Manager and Cookie Manager (once simplified from their current overblown 
state) could be replaced by preferences panels on the same grounds.

Comment 10

17 years ago
Er, I guess I'll try to clarify my complaint/desire/whatever a little more
completely here.

What I'm talking about is privacy and security.

It is no one's business how much money I have in the bank, what I've bought or
where I've been. Unless I CHOOSE to make it their business. To use IE as an
example, IE hides stuff everywhere. And, I can't delete the Index.dat file in
the cookies folder. Why would I want to? If I change the file extension to .txt,
pull it up in a text editor, I get a recent history of the websites I've visited
(and a lot of hash). That's why. IE's invasiveness? No thank you.

One of the things that makes Mozilla/Netscape a better piece of SW than IE (for
example) is that I have the option to clean out memory and disk cache, cookies,
location bar drop-ins, and history. All of it. Period. Thank you for providing
those options (or tasks).

The problem is, the current way of going about exercising those options is
neither intuitive, nor "elegant." The current way chews rocks. The "ergonomics"
need to be re-thought.

Not being a coder, I figured the easiest way would be to add another item in the
tasks pulldown that would lead DIRECTLY to the options/tasks mentioned above.
Or, add sub-entries under Tasks> Privacy & Security.

Here are a few ways the changes could be addressed:

Option 1:

A) Remove Privacy & Security in the Tasks pulldown.

B) Move the three manager entries and Understanding Privacy under Privacy &
Security into the main Tasks pulldown.

C) Add the following entries to the Tasks pulldown: Delete Cookies, Empty All
Cache, Delete History, Delete Location Bar Entries. This would allow some
flexibility. Someone may want to dump the cache, but keep the history, etc.

Option 2:

A) Move the three manager entries currently under Privacy & Security into the
main Tasks pulldown.

B) Add the following entries to Privacy & Security: Delete Cookies, Empty All
Cache, Delete History, Delete Location Bar Entries. See flexibility mentioned above.

Option 3:

Add an entry to the main Tasks pulldown. Call it (something like) "Scorched
Earth," or "Vapor(ize) Trail." Clicking on the entry will delete all cookies,
empty all cache, delete history, and delete all location bar entries.

Option 4:

Some combination of parts from the other three plans.

There's my two bits worth.


16 years ago
Component: User Interface Design → Browser-General
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