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Clean up TBPL symbols


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reftest and reftest-sanity are currently sharing symbols. I'm going to turn reftest-sanity into Rs.

Also, the Gaia OOP tests are a pile of G-oop at the moment and need to look better. Also, it's been suggested that the symbols should get some changing around to better reflect what they are, especially now that Gaia-Try is working to replace Travis.
Especially with the Gaia Try work progressing, I think the time to make these symbol changes for people transitioning from Travis to TBPL is now.

Unless we don't think we need them after all and want to stick with the current ones for the various Gaia test suites.
Had an IRC chat with various Gaia test stakeholders today and I think we reached a basic consensus on the changes to make:

G -> Gu (description will remain Gaia Unit Tests)
Gi -> Gij (description will change to Gaia JS Integration Tests)
Gu -> Gip (description will change to Gaia Python Integration Tests)

Gb and Li will stay as-is.

If the above sounds good to everyone CCed here, I think that's a workable way forward!
BTW, it's unlikely I'll be able to change the buildbot names for the jobs (creates pain for questionable gain), so we'll have to live with those anyway.
Good for me :)
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change Gaia unit test naming and symbols

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r=me with using end of line anchors ($) where possible, to make these more robust when moved to treeherder + double checking with &debug=1 after this patchset is applied.
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First two parts pushed:

And a follow-up to add some end of line anchors:

Leaving this bug open for more to come.
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(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen [:RyanVM UTC-4] from comment #8)

In production.
I special-cased the shell version to show up in the SM() group along with the other shell jobs. I've confirmed that debug=1 comes up clean and existing jobs on TBPL show up correctly (including a Try run of the shell version).

I'll hold off on landing this until after sfink gets back from PTO and confirms that he's happy with this.
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use a consistent H symbol for Hazard Analysis jobs

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use a consistent H symbol for Hazard Analysis jobs

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This is great, ship it!

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So looking back at comment 0, I think all that's left for here is the OOP test situation.
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(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen [:RyanVM UTC-4] from comment #13)

In production.
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TBPL has been EOLed (bug 1054977).
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