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"translate" ux sucks


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I'm in the process of landing a rough "spot translation" system which allows people in the analyzers group to click on a "Translate" button on the response view thus kicking off a machine translation job for that text.

Right now the UX for it sucks.

1. The translation process is not immediate. You click the button, it kicks off a celery task and then does an HTTP redirect back to the response view. It's likely you'll see the response view before the text has been translated, but there's no indication there's a pending translation job or that you successfully pressed the button.

2. If the translation job errors out, we don't capture that information or bubble it back up to users. So if you're looking at a response view for some feedback response, there's no way to know that this response had one or more failed translation attempts.

These both need to get fixed.

This bug covers fixing both issues. I'm coupling them for now since I think the best solution involves a bookkeeping table for response translation status or something like that which would cover both situations.
Tentatively putting this in 2014q2 for now.

This requires some UX thought and then some architecture thought on how to implement whatever comes out of the UX thought.
Whiteboard: u=analyzer c=dashboard p= s=input.2014q2
Whiteboard: u=analyzer c=dashboard p= s=input.2014q2 → u=analyzer c=translations p= s=input.2014q2
Talked to the people using translations and we're going to push this off.
Whiteboard: u=analyzer c=translations p= s=input.2014q2 → u=analyzer c=translations p= s=input.2014q3
Added a "success" message in

That alleviates one of the problems in this bug.

Outstanding issues:

1. when looking at a response, there's no indicator that translation work is in progress

For human translations, we can show the existence of an outstanding GengoJob. For machine translations, I don't know what we can do since we don't keep a record of outstanding machine translation tasks.

2. if the translation job errors out, there's no indicator that it failed

We are keeping a log of translation activity. Maybe have a link to the journal section of that page where people can see the log? Maybe show the most recent journal entry in the Translation box?
This is annoying, but it's not that important, so I'm taking it out of the sprint cycle.
Whiteboard: u=analyzer c=translations p= s=input.2014q3 → u=analyzer c=translations p= s=
The Input service has been decommissioned (see bug 1315316) and has been replaced by a redirect to an external vendor (SurveyGizmo). I'm bulk WONTFIXing Input bugs that do not appear to be relevant anymore.
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