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High system memory usage causes FireFox to crash


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Steps to reproduce:

Use up system memory and FireFox will crash, even with just one tab open on a low resource webpage. This can be recreated by using C++/MFC CBrush::CreatePatternBrush and not calling delete on the returned handle when called in CWnd::OnPaint. I used a large Bitmap(3MB) drawn in a CDialog. 1000's of redraws must be executed, but will give results in seconds. I accomplished this by using a button that can be dragged within the window.

This crashing has happened multiple other times when high numbers of tabs are open, with no know memory leaking applications running(excluding FireFox). The test system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit, 16GB of memory, i7 4770K CPU, and a Samsung 840 Pro SSD. The system is completely responsive when this happens, just relatively low on memory at the time of these crashes. Not low enough for Windows to complain though.

Actual results:

FireFox crashes with and without the FireFox crash reporting tool.

Expected results:

The application should have not crashed as no other application running did, as would be expected.
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I think a additional if not main cause may be running out of GDI Handles. Perhaps FF does not handle running out of GDI handles very well. A good test would be adding a controllable GDI Handle leak to FF and seeing how FF reacts to a lack of GDI handle available. IIRC, windows only gives out 10,000 to each application.
Keywords: crash
Do you have crash IDs from about:crashes ?
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The reporter in bug 1073499 is also complaining about Firefox crashing under memory pressure on Win7.
See Also: → 1073499
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